Rush rush rush. Life just isn’t slowing down and it’s a whirlwind of busyness. Evening time is especially chaotic for most families and between cooking, dishes, bath time, and finally bedtime it often looks similar to the running of the bulls. I mean, it’s pretty rough right?! At the end of the day when the house is quiet I often reflect on the day and think about all the amazing small moments that at the time didn’t seem like a big deal, but they are actually the moments I will treasure. One of those moments is listening to my family. However, I’m not always great at it and I need a little help. We are all tied to social media and one of the first things I often do when I sit to eat dinner is glance at my phone. Do I have any new messages? What’s happening on facebook?But is anything on my phone really that important? NOPE. The people in front of me are more important. And as my children get older it will become even more crucial to take this short amount of time to connect with them.

Cell Phone Time Out

My neighbor was chatting with me about a method a teacher uses in the classroom and it’s genius. She asked the students to put their cell phones into a special pocket holder that hangs on the door. The teacher found since the students knew where their phones were they could let go of the need to have it close by. If it was really needed it was acceptable, but the students remained in the moment and learned.

I’ll be honest, I heard this and knew I needed this. I need to be active in making space for my family at the dinner table and putting the phone aside. I’m guessing many of my fans feel the same way. So to help all of us who want to try a new dinner time routine I created the cell phone hand towel. I love items that have double functions and add a touch of decor. When it’s time to sit at the dinner table I simply drop my cell phone into the hand towel pockets and let it go. I know where it’s at and I can hear it if I get a phone call, but the temptation to check social media is set aside. It also sets a good example for my little ones because when they are older I will be asking them to drop their cell phones into the hand towel as well.

So what do you think? Are you willing to take the cell phone timeout challenge with me? I feel this is an important and healthy adventure so I’m offering this pattern for FREE! Join me! Whip one up! Enter the Briana K Designs 15K Celebration and automatically get this FREE pattern!
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Cell Phone Time Out

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