This week I want to highlight Lina Poulson of Over the Moon Designs. She lives in wonderful Alaska and has every animal I want to own. I’m jealous of her fresh eggs from her chickens, and the fluffy bunnies make me swoon. I also love seeing Lina’s beautiful photography work with the Alaskan backdrops. Sometimes it’s not as I pictured (snow all the time) and her work is just stunning. 

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Business Name:
Over The Moon Designs and Fairy Tale Fiber Arts. Over The Moon was started gosh almost 8 years ago when I was having my third son. And Fairy Tale Fiber Arts is a page for my knitting with my own hand spun yarns.

What is your favorite Briana K pattern?
Um crud, no one told me I had to pick one! Am I going to offend the other patterns?? Ok, so I started collecting Briana’s patterns way-way-way back when before she started discontinuing them. I HAVE THOSE TOO! I have so many patterns. I’m sitting here going through Ravelry thinking… what is my fav? I have some that I adore and have never made before! Clearly I need to fix that! I really love the tulip set! I’ve made it in newborn and sitter, and it’s just one of the cutest sets ever!! But, then I tested the new summer shawl and its the most amazing shawl for me! The pattern is simple but so beautiful. Patterns, I adore that I’ve been too busy (ahem lazy) to make, include the Logan Overalls, Cambridge Beanie, and the lace overalls sets!

Favorite Weapon: (crochet hook, or knitting needle)
What? Pick one?!?! I think it depends on what I want to create. Crocheting is always faster for me, and can make some amazing stitches. But knitting just has this classic timeless look that appeals to the romantic in me. So I love both and can’t pick one!

Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Hey, this world is a small place. But it’s not so small that BigFoot can’t be hiding in my Alaskan Backyard. Or would that be a yeti? Either way, Mermaids are real, and Bigfoot can come to lunch ANYTIME!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?
Some shade of lavender. Or Pinky purple? Maybe purply blue. Something in that range. Depends on my mood, but totally in that pink to purple to blue range. Those shades totally appeal to me! Girly, but crazy so. So maybe a prism crayon? Yep, that’s me.

What’s the color of money?
Money? Huh… I think it’s a combination of chartreuse and pine. It’s clearly a magical shade that involves silk and paper and random crazy colors woven into the magical paper that is a key root to stress! It’s not just me is it?

If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?
Well you know, Sometimes you are hungry, and you just need to snip off a slice of pie and nom nom it up in the car. I think the bigger question is, how in the heck did I become a MAN! That is going to throw me for some loops.

Lina Poulson

Lina Poulson

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