Mohair Tip

So what is mohair?
Mohair is a fiber that comes from angora goats. It has a silk like quality and often a high sheen and luster. Some even call it the Diamond Fiber.

Even though mohair is an animal fiber it will not felt like other wool, but it does take to dye very well. This durable luxury fiber will produce a fantastic and flexible piece but many have complains about working will with mohair because they fuzz of the fiber can stick making the flow of the project less than desirable. 

Don’t be discouraged!

One quick and easy solution to taming the fuzz is to place the yarn in the freezer before working with it. That’s it!

Your mohair fiber will be able to glide easily from the skein and work through your fingers like butter. 




Split Stitch Mania

Split Stitch Mania

I often try to mimic my crochet and knit designs just for fun. It can be a challenge, but a fun challenge. I find crochet and knit to be like two different languages. They are similar in that they both use yarn and tools, but different in they way they are shaped, written, and created. A popular stitch called the Split Stitch or Waistcoat Stitch is one that can mimic knit quiet well in not only look but also direction of the stitch. Another fun stitch is working stitches in the third loop or back bar of the stitch. In single crochet this gives a horizontal knit look. I decided to combine these two stitches on a hat and the results are fun.

Want to try it out? Grab the FREE Caymus Slouchy or Beanie Hat Pattern
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