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Get the knit look...

with the crochet hook!

Magical Crochet Stitch Course

Ditch The Sticks!

I will teach you how to get the look of knitting
but with your crochet wand!

Bored with the same old stitch books?

These are NEVER before seen crochet stitches!

Are these short rows?

No!! This is not tricky short rows, it’s much easier. 

What will the Magical Stitches Course do for you?

Flexible Experience,
Maximum Magic

The best way to learn a new stitch is with:

In the Magical Stitches Crochet Course we will focus on ONE magical project at a time. 

No matter your crochet level, our best finished projects capture the love of the craft, not deadlines or in-person class restrictions. This is done on your own time.

What Crocheter Are Saying About These New Stitches:

This is a super fun stitch with a gorgeous outcome! It is definitely worth learning a new technique, and with all the different ways the pattern is instructed, there is something for everyone! It worked up super quick and was satisfying watching the waves come together.
-Suzanne L.

Malry Bird

Oh my no way! I cannot believe this is not knit! I had the opportunity to see these crocheted items in person and I’m blown away with the results. This stitch is a must learn!
-Marly Bird

As someone who both knits and crochets, I have always thought, ‘Why would I crochet knit-look items when I can just knit them!?’ But these stitches are truly magical! It makes a very nice fabric that feels amazing and works up so much quicker than knitting does. 
-Shawna U.

Magical Crochet Stitch Course

Let’s sprinkle some pixie dust on your next crochet course. 

First, we will start with a solid understanding of the stitches we will use, and create a fun fall pumpkin.
Then, over the first weeks of the Magical Crochet Stitches course we will be working through 4 unique patterns building the skills for success.

Plus some extra BONUS projects!

Gaston's Antler Crochet Bag

The knit version of the antler cable is one of the most desirable cables. It takes on a new look in crochet adding swirls of design across each side of a crochet bag.

The end result of this fairy tale story is a bag worthy of showing off.

A crochet sock with a cable that’s comfortable? I promise you aren’t dreaming, this is a real life storyline.

A dream sock pattern you will want to make again and again. 

Journey Under The Sea Crochet Bag

You may have seen this style of stitch before, but only in knit. After lots of time experimenting, I finally figured out how to easily replicate this stitch in crochet. The way these stitches lean remind me of ocean waves which is how this bag got it’s name. 

No more wishing and waiting for that perfect stitch to come along. This one will dance across your hooks with ease. 

Have you heard of steeking? If not, you are going to want to join this crochet course.

Step aside Anastasia and Drizella, this clutch is luxurious enough to be taken by a princess to the ball.

  • Each section of this course will guide you through an introduction to knit-look mock cables and lace stitches. 
  • Every project comes with not only written instructions but video tutorials as well. 
  • The crochet course is also supported by a community group for quick answers to questions. 

If I really want this look for stitches, should I just learn to knit?

You could. But you don’t need to. If you already have the tools required to crochet (hook and yarn), why not give this a go? 

But the main reason why these stitches are so unique, is they are actually quite different from knit. They mimic a knit stitch to some degree, they aren’t exact, in a good way. 

These magical crochet stitches would be difficult to achieve in knitting with the same drape and textures. 

So really, this is just a brand new thing you won’t want to miss out on.

Happily Ever After Crochet Clutch
Happily Ever After Crochet Clutch

I’m not even kidding when I say this is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo type spells with yarn. It really takes something from boring to glam. And just like Cinderella, you don’t need to bring anything special; let me be your godmother and do the figuring-out part. All you need is some yarn, a hook, and believe in magic.
If you still need more reasons to jump on this incredibly magical course:

Magical Bonus Projects

Bonus Project One

If The Shoe Fits Crochet Mock Cable Pouf Pattern

One of a kind home decor.

Swirls On The Water Crochet Bag

Bonus Project Two

Swirls On The Water
Crochet Bag Pattern

Create a large mock cable plus new textured side stitches.

Cinderella's Crochet Pumpkin

Bonus Project Three

Cinderella's Crochet Pumpkin

While we can't turn a pumpkin into a carriage, we can create gorgeous decor.

Magical Crochet Stitches Course

Magical Crochet Stitch Course

Total Value = $504

Amazing Value Price = $39

Purchase Worry Free!
I want you to be thrilled with learning new stitches and feel great about it. But just incase, if you are not loving it or having fun, simply email me within 5 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money.

Do You Need To Know More?

What is this crochet magic? And how is it done?

When I first handed a sample to my good designer friend, she thought she was looking at knitting. 

I promise you, these stitches are made with a crochet hook, and it will fool all of your knitting friends. But let’s get down to what you really want to know. How hard is this?

We’ve all seen designers attempt to mimic knit stitches. 

But when I tried to dive into it, I felt like I was doing crochet gymnastics. And I’m too old for vaulting, a balance beam, or flips. So I don’t really enjoy doing that with my crochet hook either. I was left confused and not happy with the bulky results. 

I wanted a simple solution, and I know you might be wondering how it’s done. But first, let me tell you what this is not. Don’t assume this uses previous methods and attempts and knit-look cable and lace stitches.

No Tricky Short Rows

In the past year this knit mimic cable has popped up as an option. It takes forever! And it's hard to keep track of the crochet short rows to create a knit cable mimic. It's in the advanced category for sure and difficult to follow. No thanks.

Forget About Live Loop or Held Stitches

Crochet's biggest advantage is not having to hold stitches in order to work them later. No thank you to a million stitch markers in a project.

No Chance Of Dropping Stitches

Dropping stitches should never be in a crocheter's vocabulary. The bliss of not having this worry is amazing! So why add this to the table as a hybrid solution that just brings more problems?

No Need For Twists and Crosses

Acrobatics with the crochet hook? Nah, that's only topsy-turvy tea cups at Disney.

a woman holding a martini glass in one hand, yarn and crochet hook in the other hand, wearing a crocheted tank top

About the Designer.

Briana K has been in the crochet and knit industry as a designer since 2014.
She loves to boast she is fluent in gif and loves to keep life fun.

Her happy place is in a warm climate so the Florida sun in her happy place. There is nothing better than a tropical cocktail paired with an afternoon of crochet. 

Her design specialty is colorwork and Infinity Crochet Cables. But over this last year she has been hard at work with Magical Stitches. Another method we are excited for her to launch on the crochet scene.

She loves getting her hands on any technique and trying new things. Life is too short to live in one lane.

Briana K loves to Cheers to you and your success!


Frequently asked questions

After purchasing The Most Magical Stitches Course, you will be taken to the course material where a username and password can be created. There will also be an email confirmation. If you have any questions email [email protected]

Your time is YOUR time. There is clock striking at midnight to turn the carriage back into a pumpkin. You get to enjoy the ball and watch the lessons any time you wish. You have unlimited access to the course. 

During the course launch the patterns will not be available for individual sale. After the course ends they will be available for $10 each. So purchasing the course is the maximum value.

We love fairy godmothers! If you would like to purchase this course as a gift, have it sent to your email address and give it as a gift.

If you need help, we are like Cinerella’s mice and ready to assist. Send a message to [email protected]
Please remember, this is copyrighted material and cannot be shared without permission. 

Each pattern will be inside the lesson modules, and will also be available as a pdf download for you to print for personal use.

Everyone learns at a different pace, but with written and video instruction it’s easy for most level of crocheters to follow along. 

There is also support offered along the way. Plus we have an amazing group of crocheters in the Briana K Community Group.

No need to worry about kissing a frog before a deadline. We don’t shut down the course like an in-person class. Because this is online you can ask away and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.
We also have the Briana K Community on Facebook as a great resource to connect with other crocheters in the course. 

Let’s talk about the reality of our busy schedules. If you want to take time to learn something fun and new, it needs to fit into your lifestyle. 

Most in-person courses require you to drive across town and block off time over a weekend, which is prime family time. And many courses that are live are only shown during a short period of time without a pause button.

Or heck, just your time to pull out the yoga pants and do as you please.

With this online course, you learn magical stitches at your pace and on your time without an inconvenience to your schedule.

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