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Best Dry Hand Solution

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Lotion Bar for Crochet or Knit

A couple of years ago I was gifted my first lotion bar from a fellow knitter named Karen. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift and at the time I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with this hand care option. I’ve found this to be the best crafter’s dry hand solution.

Many of us can develop rough skin since we put our hands to work creating beautiful pieces with a variety of fibers. Like many crafters, I tried so many options. Most of the lotions I would use looked something like this:

Put on lotion.

Can’t pick up yarn yet because of greasy hands.

Waive hands in the air trying to get it to absorb and dry.

Husband looks at me with that ‘have you gone crazy’ look.

Lotion Bar for Crochet or Knit

Can you relate? 

I found myself avoiding hand care because I just didn’t like how the yarn felt between my fingers when there was a layer of lotion on my hands. Sometimes I would be good about getting relief when I was done crocheting, but my hands really needed to be treated better. And I needed to feel more comfortable. And the best dry hand solution.

Especially when the weather is a bit cooler. Disclaimer….notice I didn’t say cold there haha. Yes, in Florida it can get ‘cold’ but not near as cold as up north so I don’t feel justified in using the ‘cold’ term because you would most likely laugh at me. As in it’s the middle of January and the temp is currently in the 60’s….sweater weather here, short weather in the rest of America. 

dry hand solution
Tutorials and Stitches

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Best Dry Hand Solution. Check out my other knit and crochet tutorials for even more tips and methods.

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Friday 21st of June 2019

Briana I need your help, i don’t find all the yarn to make buzzy beehive blanket. I bought your pattern .

Thank you

Monique Lalonde

Briana Kepner

Monday 8th of July 2019

You can substitute with any worsted medium weight 4 yarn, Red Heart Super Saver, or Vanna's Choice yarns will work great.


Saturday 9th of February 2019

Oohh, wow! Beautiful new look! And a couple posts I haven't seen yet (hope I am still subscribed). I have looked at these lotion bar things several times, and DIYs to make them myself, but unsure of how they worked, I always turned away from them. I will have to pick one up, and actually give it a try. Hopefully it works good for my rough elbows too. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jill S Dillner

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

I make my own with shea butter, bees wax and essential oils. It makes my projects smell so good?

Briana Kepner

Monday 11th of February 2019

If going down a hook size isn't enough you can try to make it in a DK weight yarn and that would bring the gauge down.

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