Who is enjoying the summer? I know it’s been a busy one around here and that’s how it usually goes. In spring I imagine myself kicking back and having a lazy summer but being lazy must not be in my bones because it never seems to happen. This summer we decided it was time for us to move from our starter home and find something that fit our needs better.

A little surprise happened in our new backyard that gave me a lot of inspiration for the 5th Colorwheel Loops & Threads Yarn blog post. Of course I knew I needed to have a baby pattern to add to the mix since baby items are one of my favorite things to knit.

While doing some trimming in the backyard I noticed I was surrounded by caterpillars and butterflies! I think they especially love the lime trees. Which we happen to have 5! Oh so many limes!! Key lime pie is going to be regular around here. I knew I wanted to incorporate a little bit of the backyard into my design and Colorwheel Loops & Thread Yarn is just PERFECT for those awesome color pops.

Something marvelous about Colorwheel Loops & Thread Yarn (exclusively at Michaels!) is the color choices. Let your own environment inspire what stripes of colors you will use in your baby overall design. What are you waiting for?! Click Here to see the color choices and then get knitting! A little one is sure to cherish this adorable outfit.



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Supplies Abbreviations/Stitches
US 8 (5.0mm) circular knitting needles or dpns
Stitch Marker
Stitch Holder or Scrap Yarn
Yarn Needle
¾ inch button (2)
k- knit
p- purl
kf&b- knit front and back of stitch
yo- yarn over
Colorwheel Loops & Threads Yarn in:
Color A: Charcoal (2 skeins)
Color B: Green
Color C: Mid-green
Color D: Lime
Skill Level: Easy
Total length with fastened straps is 11”
Top of bib to crotch is 8”
Width of bib is 4”
Width of midsection is 7”
Yardage: 105 Gauge: 4x4 inches laid flat and blocked= 17 stitches by 24 rows
Size: 0-3 Months


The Caterpillar Overalls are worked in the round from the bottom up and flat for the bib. One leg will be worked and then placed on a stitch holder or yarn scrap and set aside. The second leg will be worked and then legs will be joined to begin working the body. The front and back bibs will be worked independently with shoulder straps attached on the back bib.

Basic Bind Off: Knit 2 stitches, insert the left needle into the first stitch on the right needle. Pull the first stitch on the right needle over the second stitch and off right needle. The second stitch will now be the only stitch left on the needle.



Stitch Count
First Leg
With Color A, Long Tail Cast on 30
Join and knit in the round
2 With Color B, knit 30
3 Purl, fasten off color B (no need to fasten off Color A if carrying the main color) 30
4 With Color A, knit 30
5 With Color C, knit 30
6 Purl, Fasten off Color C 30
7 With Color A, knit 30
8 With Color D, knit 30
9 Purl, fasten off Color D 30
10-16 With Color A, knit
Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch in round. Place this leg on a stitch holder or scrap yarn. Weave in ends now if you don’t want to have lots of hanging ends, or they can be woven in at the very end.
Second Leg Repeat first leg rounds 1-16, leaving the leg on your knitting needles 30
Place the first leg back on the needles with the second leg. Starting with the marked stitch of the first leg, k15, move stitch marker for new beginning of round placement. Continue to knit around the first leg and then around the second leg joining the two legs together. 60
2-28 Knit 60
29 Bind off 6 stitches, k18, leave the rest of the round unworked and on needles or stitch holder. 18
Front Bib Row
Working in rows for the front bib: k2, p14, k2 18
2 Knit 18
3-18 Repeat Front Bib Rows 1-2 eight more times. 18
19 k2, p14, k2 18
20 Bind off knitwise, fasten off. 18
Back Bib Row
Attach Color A to the held stitches with the wrong side facing: bind off 12, k18, bind off 6. Fasten off yarn and join to back bib with right side facing. 18
2 k2, p14, k2
3 Knit 18
4-19 Repeat Front Bib Rows 2-3 eight more times. 18
20 k4, bind off 10, k4 8
Left Strap
Work the left facing strap (leave the right strap stitches on needles or place on a stitch holder/scrap yarn). 4
2-16 Knit 4
17 Button hole: k1, bind off 2, k1 2
18 k1, yo, k1 3
19 k1, kf&b, k1 4
20 Knit 4
21 Bind off knitwise. Fasten off yarn and weave in ends. 4
Right Strap


Attach yarn to held stitches for right strap with wrong side facing, repeat same steps as left strap.
Pocket Rows
Long Tail Cast-on 12
2 Knit 12
3-4 Repeat rows 1-2 12
5 Purl 12
6-7 With Color B, knit. Fasten off at end of row 7.
Tip: The main Color A does not need to be fastened off and can be carried up the sides of the rows.
8 With Color A, knit. 12
9-10 With Color C, knit. Fasten off at end of row 10. 12
11 With Color A, knit. 12
12-13 With Color D, knit. Fasten off at end of row 13. 12
14 Knit 12
15 Purl 12
16 Bind off knitwise. Leaving a long tail, fasten off yarn and use tail to hand sew pocket to front center of overall bib. 12
  Sew buttons to the front top corners of overalls and block.
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