Coffee is often said to be the liquid of the Gods. And if you don’t feel you can function or start your day without a cup, you are not alone.

A friend once told me she purposely wakes up before her children so she could enjoy some peace and a cup of coffee before the day began. My thought was ‘girl you are crazy’. I just couldn’t imagine getting less sleep. But then I realized I’m a night owl so I get less sleep for peace as well, just at a different time of day.

Fast forward to this year’s daylight savings and I never changed my internal clock. I continued to get up as I did before the time change, which gave me time before my children woke up. I went to bed a little bit sooner and now I no longer thing my friend had a crazy idea. Thanks, Katie 🙂

I hope you enjoy creating a funny cross stitch to display in your home as well.

I am particular about my coffee, and I love the flavored ones with a little bit of cream. My sister worked at a coffee shop in college and I would visit her with my newborn for a little bit of sanity. I loved how she would brew up different flavors for me to try. But the one flavor that has always stood out is Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee. And yes, I drink it year-round. I’m lucky enough my local grocery store now carries it all the time. You should seriously give it a try. It’s probably one of the few coffees I could enjoy without creamer or sugar.

And I like to buy it by the bag instead of the pods and use my pod filters to cut down on waste. It’s better for the environment and only takes a few seconds to prepare. Plus I love that scent of coffee hitting your nose straight from the bag. If you haven’t tried filters yet please do, you won’t regret it, and it opens up many more possibilities for coffee varieties. 

Are you ready to jump right in?

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This cross stitch is created by using two strands of thread at a time.
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