Have you seen the new Colorwheel Yarn at Michaels yet? Very soon it will be available online as well!

I want to share another fun project this yarn is perfect for,
The Colorwheel Knit or Crochet Shawl!

This is a perfect project for summer travels. The 90 yard skeins are small to place in side pockets of a purse or backpack. Simply pull one out, yep even in public *wink*, and keep adding to your rainbow shawl. The easy repetition of the pattern allows a quick work up without staring at a pattern every row. And this clean and straightforward pattern repeat creates an stunning and fun shawl! So what are you waiting for? Grab some awesome Colorwheel Yarn and whip up this fun Rainbow Crochet or Knit Shawl today! And might I add, the drape on both versions is AMAZING with a SOFT texture worth wearing.

Rainbow Colorwheel Knit Shawl
By Briana K Designs
(keep scrolling for crochet version)
Colorwheel Rainbow ShawlColorwheel Rainbow Shawl

Knit Supplies:

Approx. 840 yards
5.50mm (US 9) Needles
K- Knit
Kf&b- Knit in front and back of stitch
Loops & Threads Colorwheel (90 Yard Skeins,
Approx. 840 yards total) in:
– White (Color A) 5 skeins\
One skein of each:
– Light Lilac (Color B)
Lavender (Color C)
Light Blue (Color D)
Canary Blue (Color E)
Lime (Color F)
 Mid Green (Color G)
Bright Gold (Color H)
Orange (Color I)
Red (Color J)
Mid Pink (Color K)
Skill Level: Easy
13 sts and 11 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in garter stitch
Finished Measurements:
Colorwheel Rainbow Shawl
 Notes: Stitch count will increase every other row.

Knit Written Instructions:


Row DescriptionStitch Count
1With Color A, cast on 11
3Knit across3
4Knit until last stitch, Kf&b4
5-28Repeat rows 3-416
29-34With Color B, repeat rows 3-419
35-62With Color A, repeat rows 3-433
63-68With Color C, repeat rows 3-436
69-96With Color A, repeat rows 3-450
97-102With Color D, repeat rows 3-453
103-130With Color A, repeat rows 3-467
131-136With Color E, repeat rows 3-470
137-164With Color A, repeat rows 3-484
165-170With Color F, repeat rows 3-487
171-198With Color A, repeat rows 3-4101
199-204With Color G, repeat rows 3-4104
205-232With Color A, repeat rows 3-4118
233-238With Color H, repeat rows 3-4121
239-266With Color A, repeat rows 3-4135
267-272With Color I, repeat rows 3-4138
273-300With Color A, repeat rows 3-4152
301-306With Color J, repeat rows 3-4155
307-334With Color A, repeat rows 3-4169
335-340With Color K, repeat rows 3-4172
 Bind off using basic knit bind off. Fasten off and weave in ends. Lightly block.

Rainbow Colorwheel Crochet Shawl
By Briana K Designs
Colorwheel Rainbow ShawlColorwheel Rainbow Shawl

Crochet Supplies:

Approx. 1165 yards
8.00mm (L) Hook
ch- Chain
BLO- back loop only
FLO- front loop only
sc- single crochet
sl st- slip stitch
•Loops & Threads Colorwheel (90 Yard Skeins) in:
– Charcoal (Color A) 6 skeins
One skein of each:
– Mid Pink (Color B)
Red (Color C)
Orange (Color D)
Bright Gold (Color E)
Mid Green (Color F)
Lime (Color G)
Canary Blue (Color H)
Light Blue (Color I)
Lavender (Color J)
Light Lilac (Color K)
Skill Level: Easy
14 sts and 13 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in slip stitch
Finished Measurements:

Row count will also match stitch count.
Chains do not count as a stitch on current working row.

Crochet Written Instructions:


& Stitch Count

1With Color A, Ch 2, sl st in second chain from hook, turn
2Ch 2, in BLO sl st in 2nd chain from hook and across, turn
3Ch 1, in FLO sl st in each stitch across and in first chain from the ch 2 of previous row, turn
4-18Repeat rows 2-3
19-22With Color B, repeat rows 2-3
23-40With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
41-44With Color C, repeat rows 2-3
45-62With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
63-66With Color D, repeat rows 2-3
67-84With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
85-88With Color E, repeat rows 2-3
89-106With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
107-110With Color F, repeat rows 2-3
111-128With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
129-132With Color G, repeat rows 2-3
133-150With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
151-154With Color H, repeat rows 2-3
155-172With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
173-176With Color I, repeat rows 2-3
177-194With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
195-198With Color J, repeat rows 2-3
199-216With Color A, repeat rows 2-3
217-220With Color K, repeat rows 2-3
 Fasten off and weave in ends. Lightly block.