DIY Home Decor

Craft the perfect home decor and show off your skills with this diy blanket ladder project. 

Getting Started

For those who haven’t tried a woodworking project before, I don’t want you to be intimidated. This is an intro project with fantastic results. And if you don’t have a way to cut wood, do not fret. Most hardware stores will cut this wood for this project, simply take the dimensions you need and ask with a smile. So flex those muscles and let’s get started. 


– 2in x 2in x 8ft Furring Strip Boards (3 needed for 6ft ladder, 4 needed for 8ft ladder)

2.5in Wood Screws

Sand Paper

Drill or Screw Driver

Tape Measure

Clamps or Helping Hands

Pencil for Marking

Safety Glasses

-Optional: Pocket Hole Jig & Screws,
Stain or Paint, Triangle Square Layout


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3. If possible drill pilot holes  where the rung will be attached to assist in inserting screws. 

Another option is to create pocket holes on each rung.

 4. Glue on end of the rung and then screw into place. Repeat down one side of the long board and then the other side. 

 5. Sand any rough spots. Leave it as is or use a paint and stain to match your style. 

1. Cut boards to dimension. *These can often be cut by the hardware store and it’s worth asking. 

– For 8 ft ladder:  cut 5 rungs each 20 inches wide.

– For 6 ft ladder: cut 4 rungs each 18 inches wide. And cut 2 of the 8 ft boards down to 6 ft boards.

 2. Place boards on a table or flat surface and space as shown in picture. This is just a guide, you can also space the rungs however you wish.