It’s the time of year for delectable main courses and extravagant desserts. And let’s not leave out all the scrumptious appetizers and drinks. So shall we enjoy ourselves and save the calorie counting for the New Year? Yes, yes we should. 

And we can do this because of stretchy pants. Thank goodness for those comfortable inventions and no need to undo buttons. And what better way to give homage to stretchy pants than with a fall-themed cross stitch just in time for the feasting occasions. 

I hope you enjoy creating a funny cross stitch to display in your home as well.

A Quick Display Finishing

If you want to leave your cross-stitch in the hoop here is a quick video on how to have a clean finish. It’s quick and an inexpensive way to display that classic cross stitch decor.

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This cross stitch is created by using two strands of thread at a time.
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