Giving Back Crochet Giveaway!

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I'm ecstatic to be hosting the Giving Back Crochet with Jonah Larson Giveaway! I will be giving away three signed copies of Jonah's incredible book, but first, here is a little about his journey.

Jonah Larsen Book giveaway

Jonah Larson taught himself to crochet when he was five years old and gained overnight global notoriety. Jonah was born in Ethiopia and adopted as a baby, and he admits he did not always make it easy for his parents. Luckily for him and them, Jonah found that crochet had a way of calming him down. He credits his parents with teaching him many things, especially the importance of giving back and helping others.

Jonah Larsen Book giveaway

This book grew out of Jonah’s philosophy that part of living a happy life is giving to those in need. With this in mind, you will find designs like hats, scarves, slippers, and afghans that are easy and simple, and they make perfect gifts to give to those who find themselves in need, those who are suffering from a terminal illness or someone who just needs to know that someone cares. Also included is a basic Learn to Crochet section.

I hope you have enjoyed the Giving Back Crochet with Jonah Larson Giveaway!

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