Luxury to you. 

Leither Co. subscription boxes are all the luxury without the high price.  

Tell Me Friend

This last year I learned the difference between envy and jealousy. While both emotions are normal, there is a difference. Jealousy is when a friend has something you want and you would rather they weren’t so fortunate. Envy is when a friend has something you want and you would like to know how to also achieve it. So envy is the more appropriate feeling to move towards. This is how I felt when Sincerely, Pam had a Leither Co. box.

I was like ‘girl, tell me where I can get that.’ 

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The Box

But this box is packed with MORE than just an amazing hook. It’s got all the goodies and serious detail on the pretty packaging. Totally on point to making a crafter feel spoiled. I was impressed with the hand dyed yarn and the matching stitch marker. Plus a patter to follow along. 

The Hook Up

Total pun intended on this title, I really wanted the hook up to get a gorgeous handmade hook and goodies. 

Luckily I have the best friends who care about promoting awesome handmade businesses and share the secrets. And I would not be a good friend if I didn’t do the same.

I mean these hooks are gorgeous! It’s a work of art. And a crocheter can NEVER have enough tools. The hooks are works of art as well as a tool. I mean forget kitchen appliances and shoes….give me a hook and you know the way to my heart. 



The surprise and anticipation of getting a Leither Co. box makes weekdays more fun. It’s something to feel excited about during those mundane days. So why not treat your future self and order one this month?


Where to Purchase the Amazingness

deYou know how people are afraid of FOMO?

Well, this one is for real. Seriousy you don’t want to miss out. And the best part is Leither Co. is hooking us up with a discount.

Save $5 off your first deluxe box with the code BRIANAK

If you want the exact box shown here you can still get the kit! CLICK HERE