Create your very own mushroom patch for your next photo session with this easy tutorial. The mushroom tops simply sit on top of wooden stumps. I created them this way so they would be easier for storage and so I could photograph a newborn on one of the mushroom tops for a compilation.

Gnome and Santa Crochet Set by Briana K Designs

For this project you will need:
Red Fabric
Brown Fabric
Staple Gun with Staples
Thin wood cut into circles:
The diameter size of my circles were 20 inches, 14 inches, and 11 inches.
Branches with even tops and bottoms
White Felt
Fabric or Craft Glue


I had my husband use his jig saw and cut pieces of thin wood board into circles. I used plates from my kitchen to sketch the circles to the size I wanted. I then had him cut different lengths of branches. I was lucky my neighbor was trimming his tree.


Fold the sides of the red fabric to the circle and staple about 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the circle. Do this for a little over half of the circle. Do not pull the fabric tight. you need it loose so you can stuff it. Before completely stapling the circle closed stuff it with fiberfill. Play with it a little to make sure it’s the shape you want. If placing a baby on top of the mushroom stuff it until it is firm.


Finish stapling closed.

BrianaKDesings_0656 BrianaKDesings_0657

Cut strips of brown fabric a little bit larger than the radius of the circle. You can use several strips around the bottom. It does not need to be continuous, you can overlap and do this in sections. Place the brown fabric around the edge of the mushroom and staple about 1/2 inch from the edge. Bunch/fold the brown fabric as you go. You do not want the fabric to lay flat but have lots of tucks. Complete stapling the brown all the way around.

BrianaKDesings_0659 BrianaKDesings_0658

Gather the fabric loosely to the middle. Do not pull too tight. Staple and secure the fabric to the middle of the mushroom.


Use cups to trace and cut out white felt circles. Use your fabric glue to attach circles to the top of the mushroom.

Place mushroom tops onto the wood stumps and shoot away!!

(Get the Gnome pattern here)

Gnome and Santa Crochet Set by Briana K Designs