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Get to know Kim!
What is your favorite Briana K pattern?
I have to say I think my favorite Briana K pattern is the Hula outfit. I always love making it and it looks so adorable when worn!!

What’s your favorite thing to order from Olive Garden?
My favorite things from Olive Garden are the salad and breadsticks! I swear I could live off them if I had to!

Have you ever started petting a really fluffy dog and just gotten very overwhelmed by how fluffy this dog is?
That is exactly one of the reasons I have my American Eskimo Chipsy! When she was a puppy she was this little tiny body in this big ball of fur. She was so soft and fluffy you just didn’t want to put her down. So she came home with us! She is still fluffy today! I have been tempted to send her fur away to have it turned into yarn!

Who was your favorite Spice Girl?
My favorite Spice Girl was Ginger spice. Maybe because I had red hair growing up!

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention, what do you think cats dream about?
I am convinced my kitty Elsa dreams about ways to torture me, but more than likely, she dreams about chasing yarn balls. With young kids and an abundance of yarn, she has all the yarn balls a cat could ever want!

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