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Who really wants to weave in ends? No one!!! I have yet to meet a single knitter or crocheter that wants to weave in the ends. We hate it so much the craft community has made a lot of memes to express our dislike.

Learning new tips and tricks for working in our ends as we go makes knitting in rows more enjoyable and fun. Eliminating the need for a yarn needle is always a good thing. So I picked up my needles to create a small clip of how to weave in your ends as you knit. You will no longer cringe when you see an item worked in stripes. Bring on the stripes!

If you want to add an extra lock into your loose thread keep a longer tail and repeat the process on the return purl row, that will help those who might not sleep at night worrying over ends unraveling.


So what do you think? Want to give it a try? You have nothing to fear! New knitting skills begin at the end of your comfort zone so grab some yarn and give it a go!

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