Rocket Yarn DIY Bedroom Decor!

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This past week has been full or organization and piles of toys and I really wanted to create a Rocket Yarn Bedroom Decor for my little one. My son turned 5 and we decided it was time for a room upgrade, mostly because I needed better organization so I can teach him good cleaning habits.

We spent the day at IKEA and then hours assembling his new loft bed. I swear there was enough cardboard to build a second house! After the hard work was over I was ready for the fun part, the decor! However, after a trip to some craft stores, I couldn't find decor for a space room theme. So it was time to get creative.

Rocket Yarn Decor

We purchased our home towards the end of the recession and there are still a few flaws we are working on. Imagine 5 college boys living in a home before it was foreclosed....yea, there was a half-pipe skate ramp in the backyard and the walls indicated they were really bad at darts. So we have a few dents and holes that still show.

One of these spots is on the wall in my son's room. It's not horrible, but I notice it and I wanted to cover it up. Of course, I started thinking of some ideas that use my favorite medium, yarn! I used my small projector and put an outline of a rocket on the wall by hammering nails about 1 inch apart.

IMG_8377 IMG_8378  BrianaKDesings_0807

Now comes the fun part! Use thread yarn and tie it to a nail, then wrap from nail to nail to create the coloring of the rocket. There really isn't any right or wrong way to wrap, just go from nail to nail until each space is filled in. It doesn't take too long to do and I created a short time-lapse of me wrapping the yarn on the main rocket. It is a quick and inexpensive project for a custom art piece on a wall. My son loves it! I'll be doing a few more projects in his room so be sure to check back for more fun decor projects.

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