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Ruffle Butterfly Knit by Briana K Designs

The Ruffle Butterfly Knit Onesie Pattern is a favorite! It’s dainty, delicate, and has ruffles. The knit romper is wonderful for a warm summer day in the garden. And it’s precious for a newborn photography shoot. The soft ruffles remind me of butterfly wings and are really soft against a newborn’s skin.

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Supplies needed for the Ruffle Butterfly Onesie:

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Ruffle Butterfly Knit by Briana K Designs

Knitting Needles:

Knit Picks Needles: 7 (US) / 4.0 mm Straight Needles for body 8 (US) / 5.0 mm Straight Needles for Ruffles


Stitch Marker
Row Counter
Sewing Needle
Optional ribbon for the middle tie


Rowan Angora Haze or Knit Picks Chroma Fingering.
Note: The Rowan Angora Haze has been discontinued, suggested substitutes:
Aloft Super Kid Mohair
Rico Essentials Super Kid Mohair Loves Silk


140 yards (128 m)


BO- bind off

k- knit

p- purl

yo- yarn over

k2tog– knit two together

p3tog- purl three together

skpo– slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over

m1L– make one left: insert left-hand needle under the strand of yarn running between stitches from front to back, knit through the back of the stitch made.

m1R– make one right: insert left-hand needle under the strand of yarn running between stitches from back to front, knit through the front of the stitch made.


 23 stitches and 27 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

Skill Level:




Measurements laid flat: Length: 10 ¾ inches, Width: 7 inches

Ruffle Butterfly Knit by Briana K Designs

Ruffle Butterfly Knit Pattern:

Row 1: Long Tail Cast On 36

Rows 2-8: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row (36)

Row 9: *k2tog, yo, k2; repeat * across (36)

Rows 10-20: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row (place stitch marker on each side of row 20) (36)

Row 21: k2, skpo, k28, k2tog, k2 (34)

Row 22: Purl this row and every even row (34)

Row 23: k2, skpo, k26, k2tog, k2 (32)

Row 24: Purl (32)

Row 25: k2, skpo, k24, k2tog, k2 (30)

Row 26: Purl (30)

Row 27: k2, skpo, k22, k2tog, k2 (28)

Row 28: Purl (28)

Row 29: k2, skpo, k20, k2tog, k2 (26)

Row 30: Purl (26)

Row 31: k2, skpo, k18, k2tog, k2 (24)

Row 32: Purl (24)

Row 33: k2, skpo, k16, k2tog, k2 (22)

Row 34: Purl (22)

Row 35: k2, skpo, k14, k2tog, k2 (20)

Row 36: Purl (20)

Row 37: k2, skpo, k12, k2tog, k2 (18)

Rows 38-42: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row

Row 43: k2, m1R, k14, m1L, k2 (20)

Row 44: Purl (20)

Row 45: Knit (20)

Row 47: k2, m1R, k16, m1L, k2 (22)

Row 48: Purl (22)

Row 49: k2, m1R, k18, m1L, k2 (24)

Row 50: Purl (24)

Row 51: k2, m1R, k20, m1L, k2 (26)

Row 52: Purl (26)

Row 53: k2, m1R, k22, m1L, k2 (28)

Row 54: Purl (28)

Row 55: k2, m1R, k24, m1L, k2 (30)

Row 56: Purl (30)

Row 57: k2, m1R, k26, m1L, k2 (32)

Row 58: Purl (32)

Row 59: k2, m1R, k1, m1R, k26, m1L, k1, m1L, k2 (place stitch marker on each side) (36)

Rows 60-70: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row (36)

Row 71: *k2tog, yo, k2; repeat * across (36)

Rows 72- 78: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row (36)

Row 79: CO 8, k19, CO 7, fasten off and leave stitches on the needle, turn (20)

Row 80: Attach yarn and purl across (20)

Row 81: k1, skpo, k14, k2tog, k1 (18)

Row 82: Purl (18)

Row 83: k1, skpo, k12, k2tog, k1 (16)

Row 84: Purl (16)

Row 85: k1, skpo, k10, k2tog, k1 (14)

Rows 86- 98: Purl every even row, Knit every odd row (14)

Row 99: Bind off

Ruffles (Make 2)

Row 1: CO 135

Rows 2-4: Purl every even row, knit every odd row (135)

Row 5: k3tog across (45)

Row 6: Purl loose bind off (45)

It is VERY important, and much easier, to block the body and ruffles before seaming sides together and sewing on side ruffles. Using a backstitch seam, stitch the sides together down to the stitch markers.

For the side ruffles, leave 8 inches extending above the front bib. Sew the back strap of the ruffle to the back of the romper to fasten strap in place. Pin the ruffles down each side, with the knit side facing outward and sew in place. The ruffle will end just after the seam and before it reaches the back strap.

Use ribbon or two strands of yarn to weave a tie through the holes on the romper body.


I hope you have enjoyed making the Butterfly Knit Onesie Pattern!

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This pattern was originally published in June of 2015, re-released in March 2022

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