SHARP Crochet Color ChangesHere is a SIMPLE crochet tip to get sharper lines on your work when making color changes! Do you know a friend that would like this crochet hack?
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Posted by Briana K on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sometimes just the smallest adjustment to a pattern can make a crisp difference. When making a hat, scarf, blanket, or even socks, there is a way to get sharper crochet color changes. It’s one simple trick that will make your items look sharper and professional.
Does it change the size? It can, whenever extra rows are added it can change the gauge. I did not count the extra slip stitch row on the sample in the video (right). The size has just the slightest difference in height but not much. On a blanket or scarf, this wouldn’t make a big enough difference to ever fret over. However, on a fitted item, it could change the outcome so pay close attention to make sure your hat isn’t working up too long.
Keep those slip stitches at the same tension as the rest of your work. I tend to slip stitch tight so whenever I’m working a slip stitch I remind myself to keep my hands and tension loose otherwise the rounds with my slip stitches will be noticeablyย tight.
I hope you enjoyed this quick tip and keep following along for more!