Single Crochet Rows That Mimic Rounds!

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Have you ever been working on a crochet piece in the round using the single crochet stitch and then needed to work in row? Like if you need sleeves or for overalls. Once the single crochet stitch is worked in rows it no longer is the same stitch visually.

The texture and density of the stitch is different and it's noticeable. Playing around with my crochet hook this week I found a way to reverse the single crochet row stitch a bit so it better mimics the look of working in the round. Watch this video for a solution and give it a try and see what you think.

  1. On wrong side (backside) of work, insert hook from the back to the front of the stitch.
  2. Yarn over and pull loop up
  3. yarn over again and pull through two loops on the hook.

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