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Spring Patterns: Nature-Inspired Crochet and Knit

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As spring approaches, we all get that urge to get outside into nature more. Nature is so healing to us in a variety of different ways. Hopefully you can get outside soon. Either way, though, you can celebrate the coming warmer weather with these spring patterns. These knit and crochet patterns are all inspired by plants, which are always a favorite part of nature.

Nature Heals Us And So Does Crafting

Nature is one of those unique things that is universally healing. Some cultures really venerate it. Learn about forest bathing in Japan if you've never heard about it before. But whether or not it's a focus, nature heals individuals across the world. Spending time with plants, seeing the open sky, and putting our toes into the earth all help us feel connected, healthy, and joyful.

Crafting also heals many of us. Benefits of crafting include stress-relief, a path to relaxation, self-esteem boosts from creating something from our own two hands and so much more. Combine these two things when you work with these plant-based nature-inspired crochet and knit spring patterns.

Calling All My Plant Ladies ... And Those Who Aren't!

Herringbone Crochet Basket Stitch

Are you a plant lady? Indoor plant gardening soared during the pandemic because so many people recognized the mental health benefits of plants. If so, then let me get you started with knit and crochet plant basket patterns. Don't worry if you're not a plant parent, though. The rest of the patterns below are spring patterns for wearables and home decor that embrace plants as a motif.

Knit and Crochet Plant Cozy Patterns

Knit Herringbone cozy

I was inspired by a visit to a friend's world of indoors plants to create knit and crochet herringbone plant pot cozies. These are simple cozies that you wrap around the pot that you're using for any of your plants. Of course, you can adjust the size according to the size of your potted plants. The herringbone stitch provides great texture in both knit and crochet for these easy spring patterns.

Get the knit plant cozy pattern here.

Get the crochet plant cozy pattern here.

Monstera Plant Knit and Crochet Spring Patterns

Monstera Fair Isle Crochet Cowl

Do you know about the Monstera plant? You've probably seen it before. It's that plant with the interesting leaves that look a little bit like Swiss cheese. As a crafter, it's hard not to look at a plant like the and think, "it would be so cool to knit or crochet that design." Which is why I have a few Monstera-inspired spring patterns.

monstera crochet plant pattern

I have a crochet square pattern inspired by the Monstera plant.

Monstera Cowls knit and crochet spring patterns

I also have knit and crochet cowl patterns featuring a color-changing version of the design.

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Vine-Inspired Knit and Crochet Spring Patterns

Vines are terrific plants to inspire knit and crochet. You can use textured stitches to create vines or you can use colorwork techniques to develop that motif. Here are some of my vine-inspired spring patterns for you.

Vine Colorwork Crochet Sock

Vine Colorwork Crochet Sock Pattern

Have fun playing with color in crochet as you create these perfect-to-wear crochet socks inspired by vines.

Traveling Vine Shawls

Traveling Vine Infinity Crochet Cable Shawl Pattern

Knit and crochet cables look like vines. I made these traveling shawls to incorporate that inspiration across the long edge.

The Traveling Vine Crochet Shawl by Briana K Designs

Get the Traveling Vine Crochet Shawl pattern here.

traveling vine shawl knit pattern

Get the Traveling Vine Knit Shawl pattern here.

Traveling Vine Earwarmers

I used the same concept to create a quicker accessory as well: ear warmers. These knit and crochet headbands are perfect for spring accessorizing. When you make them in a color like green, you really see the plant inspiration. However, these are great in neutral colors as well.

Traveling Vine Earwarmer Crochet

Get the Traveling Vine Crochet Earwarmer pattern here.

Traveling Vine Earwarmer Knit

Get the Traveling Vine Knit Earwarmer pattern here.

Vivian Romper

Although this knit romper pattern isn't part of my Traveling Vine set, it definitely has a similar vibe to it. When worked in green yarn, it definitely feels like it fits amongst these spring patterns.

Spring Patterns for Knit and Crochet Pillows

You know that I love to design knit and crochet pillows. A few of these are inspired by plants and are perfect for spring.

Key West Crochet Pillow Covers

Key West Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns

Aren't the bold colors and graphic plant shapes for these crochet pillow covers just perfect for springtime?!

Knit and Crochet Bloom Pillow Covers

Flowers are an entire subset of plants all on their own. I didn't include other flower patterns in this roundup, but I do think that the knit and crochet Bloom pillows have to be a part of it. Don't you?

spring patterns for crochet pillows

Get the crochet pattern here.

Get the knit pattern here.

Cactus Crochet Patterns

Don't forget cacti when you're thinking about plant life. Although subtle, they also bloom in the springtime. Here are my two cactus crochet patterns:

Cactus Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Cactus Crochet Fingerless Mittens

These are among my newest crochet patterns. They're perfect for the colder days of spring when you're dreaming about sunny days.

Cactus Succulent Crochet Poncho and Buddy

cactus crochet toy

Make this crochet cactus toy for any little one in your life. There's also a poncho to match.

Sheep/Lamb Project Bag Crochet Pattern

sheep lamb

This isn't specifically inspired by plants. However, I wanted to include it in my roundup of spring patterns because it has a similar feeling to it. It's a landscape that just wouldn't be the same without the grass in the design.

What's your favorite plant? Share with me in the comments or over on social media!

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