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Knit Unicorn Pattern: Headphone Wrap

The unicorn trend is still hanging on, and I am so happy about that. I mean, if you can make a Unicorn Headphone Wraps, you do it, right?! That’s why I created this Knit Unicorn Pattern. This would also be great for kids who believe in the magical sparkle of unicorns and dream big. However, it’s also a great reminder for adults to have fun, be whimsical, and never stop chasing those big dreams. All ages can truly enjoy this design.

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Knit Unicorn Pattern: Headphone Wraps


Love For Unicorns

I recently read Sarah Laskow’s book The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns. In this, she says:

“One of the things that stood out the most to me when reading it is how myths of this single-horned creature existed all around the world in all these different cultures.”

Sarah Laskow

Across cultures, across ages, we love unicorns. We also love music across age and culture. So, I think these things pair perfectly together, which was also part of the motivation for this knit unicorn pattern.

Knit Unicorn Pattern: Headphones Wrap

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Unicorn Headphone Knit Wrap Pattern Supplies:

Knitting Needles

Size US 6 (4.0 mm) Knitting Needles
DPN’s or 12” cord


Removable stitch markers if needed
Yarn needle to weave in ends
Fiberfill or stuffing for horn
Velcro strips (7 inches long)
Sewing needle and thread


I Love This Yarn in colorways:
Rosy Cheeks (pink)
Artic Ice (blue)
Orchid (purple)
Sungold (yellow)
Dappled Wheat Print (green)

Any worsted weight yarn can be substituted as long as the gauge can be matched. 

• 130 yards (119 m) total


The base is 7.5” (18 cm) by 5.25” (13 cm) laid flat.
Approx. 3.5” (9 cm) tall


CO – Cast On
k – knit
kf&b – knit front and back of the stitch
k2tog – knit two stitches together

p – purl
ssk – slip slip knit
yo – yarn over

Skill Level:
Easy/Advanced Beginner

23 sts and 26 rows = 4” (10 cm)
in stockinette stitch

Many of the supplies can be found at the affiliate links below:

Unicorn Headphone Knit Wrap Pattern Notes:

Rock out in style with this unicorn detachable knit headphone cover. Kids will love it but you don’t have to be a kid to wear it and add a bit of sparkle to your music. Even when I’m listening to a serious podcast, this lightens my day by adding some flair.

Most of the pattern is worked in the round. Use a stitch marker to keep track of rounds.

Increasing to 5 sts: (knit in the front and the back of the stitch) twice, and then knit into the front of the stitch one more time, take off left-hand needle. Increased from 1 stitch to 5.

Helpful Links:
How To Knit a Puff Flower:
How To Decrease Knitting:

Knit Unicorn Pattern for Headphones
Unicorn Headphones

Unicorn Headphone Knit Written Instructions:

Unicorn Horn:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1Using Yellow Yarn, cast on 4 sts using the long tail cast on.4
2*kf&b, k1*; repeat from * to * around6
5*kf&b, k1*; repeat from * to * around9
8*kf&b, k2*; repeat from * to * around12
11*kf&b, k5*; repeat from * to * around14
14*kf&b, k6*; repeat from * to * around16
15-16sc in each stitch around16
17*kf&b, k7*; repeat from * to * around18
 Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing to base later. 

Knit Puff Flower Video:

Flowers (Make 3, one in each pink, purple & Blue)

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1Using Pink, Purple, or Blue yarn cast on 10 sts.10
2*Increase first stitch to 5 sts, (turn and purl the 5 stitches, turn and knit the 5 stitches) twice, turn and knit the five sts. Pass the four stitches over the first stitch on the right hand needle one by one starting with the second stitch on the needle. Knit the next st.* Repeat from * to * until all the stitches are worked. 5 pedals Total.10 sts 5 pedals
3With Yellow yarn purl in each stitch across. Fasten off yarn using the tail end to weave through all the stitches and off the needle. Pull the stitches tight and weave in ends. Use tail end of pedal yarn to join the first and the last pedals. 
Unicorn Knit Headphones

Leaves (Make 2):

RowDescriptionStitch Count
1Using Green Yarn, cast on 3 sts using the long tail cast on.3
3k1, (yo, k1) twice5
7ssk, k1, k2tog3
9Slip the first 2 sts knitwise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitches over. 
 Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing to base later. 

Unicorn Ears (Make 2):

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1Using Yellow Yarn, cast on 4 sts using the long tail cast on.4
2*kf&b, k1*; repeat from * to * around6
5*kf&b, k1*; repeat from * to * around9
7*kf&b, k2*; repeat from * to * around12
9*kf&b, k2*; repeat from * to * around16
12kf&b, k3; repeat from * to * around20
15kf&b, k4; repeat from * to * around24
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing to base later. Weave in end at the top of the ear and close the top hole.

Headphone Base:

RowDescriptionStitch Count
1Using white yarn, cast on 30 sts.30
2-50Stockinette (knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows)30
 Fasten off and weave in ends. 


Please note, images are shown in crochet but apply to the same assembly knit instructions. Attach Velcro to each long side of the base on opposite sides. If using a self-adhesive Velcro, it’s still recommended stitching the Velcro to the base for durability. Putting the Velcro on first will help with placing the rest of the pieces.

Unicorn Headphones
Unicorn Headphones

Unicorn Horn:

Wrap the base piece around your headphones. Stuff horn with fiberfill, and place the horn on the center and stitch into place.

Using the second strand of yellow yarn, attach at the base, and wrap around the horn to create a swirl look—secure strand and weave in ends at the top. 

Unicorn Headphones
Unicorn Headphones


Stitch ears in place on either side of the horn. To add some dimension to the ears, pinch the center at the base.

Unicorn Horn Knit Pattern

Flowers & Leaves:

Stitch the three flowers in front of the horn and add leaves where desired. Weave in all ends and then be as fabulous as a unicorn!

Unicorn Headphones

Knit & Tag

I hope you have enjoyed making the Unicorn Headphone Knit Wrap Pattern!

If you have made this, please share it on social media. Above all I love to see the projects created with my patterns and also share your beautiful work.

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It is much appreciated and adored!

Unicorn Headphones
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