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Whims Knit Earwarmer Pattern

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Whims Furls Earwarmer

This is not your ordinary earwarmer, and it's not your ordinary orange tree. This tree taught me a big lesson in not judging something from first looks. This is not your ordinary orange tree.

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Whims Furls Earwarmer-74

After moving to a new home a couple of years ago, we have figured out what several of the fruit trees in the yard are. I thought they were all lime trees the first year; it turns out we don’t have a single lime tree lol. We have two lemon trees, an orange tree, a fig bush, and this peculiar tree with orange fruit I deemed poison. 

For real, I seriously told my children it was poison. If you pull it off the tree, it smells like an orange, but the rind is a bit different looking. Once you peel it, there is a very sour lemon smell. And then you taste it. And spit it out. And everyone who has tried it has the same reaction. It’s beyond bitter and not editable at all. 

Whims Furls Earwarmer

It’s so acidic I’ve been afraid to use it on food. And this year, I thought perhaps I would use it as a natural cleaner. The tree is right behind my children’s playhouse and is starting to approach on their space.

This season has brought us a large amount of fruit too. Which sounds great, but what do I do with it all? Once it falls from the trees, it attracts rats. I worry possibly more rats than my Ninja Kitty can catch. So I had decided it was a thorny hassle of a tree, and I was going to put on my plaid shirt, grab my ax, and chop the thing down.

Whims Furls Earwarmer

I was formulating my plans to turn the tree into firewood when I happened to mention it to a neighbor. He asked me a few more questions about the tree and then said, ‘But isn’t that a bitter orange tree?’

I didn’t understand right away what he was saying about the type of tree it was. I was thinking, ‘why yes, it is an extremely bitter and awful tree, down with it!’.

He chucked and said, maybe I should google it before I make my final decision. There were things you could make from it, like a fine orange liquor. 

Hold up, I can use these oranges to make alcohol?

Whims Furls Earwarmer

So off to the internet, I flew to learn more about this bitter orange tree. The first blog post I stumbled upon was the Seville Orange Marmalade recipe. In this blog post by Elise Bauer, she explains how difficult it might be for someone to find bitter oranges for this excellent marmalade.

It’s not something you can find at a grocery store, and they are only in season during the winter months. You have scored if you have a neighbor with a tree.

And it turns out I’m that neighbor! If you live in Central Florida and want some, contact me soon, they are in season, and you can pick them right off my tree.

Bitter Orange Tree

The very first thing I wanted to try and make is an orange liquor. And the internet provided me with a fun and straightforward Orange Liqueur Recipe. We are currently 10 days in and about to do the second steps.

It’s been so fun to try this out and use what is growing right in our backyard. I’ll keep you updated on a future blog post and let you know how this turns out. 

Whims Furls Earwarmer-38

Isn’t’ it funny how sometimes we judge something completely wrong? I mean, I was going to cut down a tree that is quickly becoming my favorite tree. The real value is hidden, and it’s up to us to discover. 

Whims Furls Earwarmer

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This is a fun way to learn knit cables and also enjoy a warm winter accessory. The simple cable repeat is easily worked up and would also be great for gifts or selling at craft shows. 

Whims Knit Earwarmer Supplies:

• Size US 6 (4.0 mm) needles
• Yarn needle to weave in ends
• 3×1” leather strip

To see how I created a custom tag visit this blog post:
Laser Engraver For Crafts

DK Lightweight 3
The original yarn for this pattern has been discontinued, I recommend using Swish DK from Knit Picks

• 120 yds (110 m)

Skill Level:
• Intermediate

• 30 sts and 37 rows = 4” (10 cm)
in stockinette 

• Adult size, brim stretches
to fit 19-23” heads
• Width is approx. 3.75”

• k- knit
• p – purl
• RS – right side
• sl st – slip stitch
• WS – wrong side
• Cable abbreviation & instructions below.

Many of the supplies can be found at the affiliate links below:

Special Stitches:

C12b- Cable 12 Back
Slip next 6 sts onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 6 sts from left-hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle.


This piece is created flat in rows and then seamed. When joining together an accessory piece can be added to hide the seam, or use invisible seaming to join the garter and knit stitches together.
For a knotted edge, keep the yarn on the back and slip the first stitch knitwise on each row.


Instructions for the Whims Knit Earwarmer:

Row DescriptionStitch Count
1 (RS)Cast On 28 k5, p3, k12, p3, k528
2 (WS)k8, p12, k828
3-16Repeat Rows 1-2 seven times28
17k5, p3, C12b, p3, k528
18k8, p12, k828


Repeat rows 1-18 eight more times. (For a total of 9 pattern repeats).
Test the band around the head to see if more or fewer repeats are required.

Blocking & Joining:

It’s very important to block this piece before seaming, not only does it make it easier, but also opens up the cable design. To join the two ends, fasten off leaving a 12-inch tail, graft the ends together with a tapestry needle. However, if using a leather tab, much of the seam will be hidden. Weave in ends.


I used a custom leather tag to add embellishment to the ear warmer. Feel free to use whatever accessory you like best. It could be a ribbon, a jewel, or a scrap of fabric. Adding different textures together compliments the design. 

Whims Furls Earwarmer

Crochet & Tag

I hope you have enjoyed making the Pattern!

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