Confession: I HATE weaving in ends. And I’m thinking you do too.

Here is one way to not only save on some yarn when joining a new hank or skein, but to also avoid weaving in ends.

Here is what you will need:

  • A natural fiber yarn. Why a natural fiber? It has the characteristics to entangle and form matts. The most common fiber suited to felt is wool.
  • A felting needle. These are special needles that have irregularities at the ends. If you look closing you can see jagged edges. When the wool is pushed with these needles it becomes harder and clumped as the fibers bind together.
  • A small piece of foam. You don’t want to stab yourself or damage a surface. The piece of foam acts as a barrier and keeps your needle from breaking.

Step 1: Separate the fibers a bit at the end of the existing yarn and the beginning of the new skein. The ends will be fuzzy.

Step 2: Lay the separated ends on top of each other on a foam mat.

Step 3: Stab away! Keep stabbing and turning the yarn until the fibers are bound together.

Step 4: Placing the yarn join between your palms quickly move your hands back and forth to minimize fuzziness.

Step 5: Keep on crocheting or knitting now that you have a strong join using minimal yarn and no ends to weave in!

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