I’m a passionate designer, creator, and lover of all things artistic. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums from yarn, paper, wool, fabric, and a camera. I’m a photographer and I enjoy capturing my family memories, as well as my designs.

My main passion is crochet and knit design.

I not only design cute and custom outfits, I also sell the pattern in my Ravelry shop, Etsy, Love Knitting and Craftsy. My designs have also been seen in The Pattern Pack, Happily Hooked, and Design Wars. I discovered my talents early in childhood and my mother nourished the creativity. I carried that passion into adulthood earning a degree in fine arts and harassing my children with my projects. My family continues to be my greatest inspiration.


Middle name?
I actually don’t have one

Favorite drink?
Coffee (of course), Root Beer, or a Red Blend Wine

Do I have pets?
I have a little white dog

Am I married?
Yes, I actually found someone as crazy as me. I love him to death and he gives me the love, space, and inspiration to create.

Have I ever been out of the country?
Yes, Canada & Mexico & more recently my husband took me on an anniversary trip to Europe. But I can’t wait to travel more when it’s possible.

Do I speak any other languages?
I speak GIF & Sarcasm fluently

Can I cook?
Yes, but the question is “Do I want cook?”. Only if I am in the mood and have a nice glass of wine along with chill music. Usually only when there are guests, plenty of drinks, and laughter. And since my sister is a pastry chef she can handle the dessert.

And the biggest question for me: What are my goals?
This one is tough, yet simple. I have lots of goals both professional and personal. The struggle is balance.

So let’s start with my business goals for this year. I’ve branched out and created designs for all ages and offer more sizes. What I would really like to do is continue to create amazing and fun content you want to see. I continue to be in love with the crochet & knit community and connecting with everyone on a personal level is important to me. It not only inspired my passion, but friendships with a common bond are so enriching in life. I’m grateful I’ve found a passion that I love, and an audience that is so welcoming and loving. So please stay tuned and come along with me! I’ve created a crafting community on Facebook where we can interact and constantly be in awe or inspired by others.


My other goal? To bring you awesome free content on the blog. So each click counts 🙂