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how did i

Become A Designer

Strands of yarn and a crochet hook symbolized love for a little champion.

My design origin story.

Years ago (too many to count), I sold finished crochet items for a while, mainly to newborn photographers. It was so fun to create new and sometimes quirky outfits to capture the style and passions of the parent. Such as a unicorn baby, or a gladiator outfit. (My top 10 baby outfits can be found here.)

But as my shop was on maternity leave following the arrival of my youngest son, a photographer messaged me with a special request. She wanted to know if I could create a design for a little boy fighting for his life. He was being released from the hospital with a rare condition, and doctors were uncertain of his prognosis or if he would live through the week.

Of course, this broke my new momma’s heart. I looked at my son and couldn’t imagine this family’s agony. I stayed up most of the night crocheting between nursing my little one and creating the baby boxer outfit (also in knit).

Briana Kepner

Artist & Creator

I’m a passionate designer, creator, and lover of all things artistic. I enjoy working with various mediums, from yarn, paper, wool, fabric, and a camera. 

I’m also a photographer, and I enjoy capturing my family’s memories as well as my designs.

But where did pattern writing start? With a unique opportunity to help a family.

Boxer Baby Crochet Outfit by Briana K Designs

I delivered the boxer baby prop to the photographer the next morning (still sewing on the finishing touches as I walked through the door) and stayed to meet this cute little baby.

Aiden has continued to fight bravely and is still striving today. I love seeing updates of him and his adorable smile on social media. He is such a champion and the outfit totally reflected his spirit to keep on fighting the odds.

Once I shared this story on social media, the requests for the outfit came pouring in. More than I could keep up with. Then came the request for the pattern and it just made sense to share this outfit with the world.

I still love seeing images of all the babies in this outfit and will always cherish this sweet origin that became my passion.

Followers Across YouTube, Facebook + Community, Pinterest, And Instagram.


Not only do I design cute and custom outfits, but I also sell the pattern in my Ravelry shop, Etsy, and Love Crafts.

My designs have also been seen in Crochet! Magazine, Annie’s Christmas Magazine, My Crocheted Closet Book, The Pattern Pack, Happily Hooked, and Design Wars. 

I discovered my talents early in childhood, and my mother nourished my creativity.

I carried that passion into adulthood, earning a degree in fine arts and harassing my children with my projects. My family continues to be my greatest inspiration.

Cheers to our next crafting adventure together!

a woman holding a crochet clutch, wearing a crocheted tank top

Learn more

About The Woman Behind The Screen

Nope, I don’t have one. My parents didn’t think I needed one.

And I also get asked how to pronounce my first name a lot. The short answer is everyone says it differently, but I often don’t notice and respond to everything.

My signature cocktail has become an classic aviation, but I also love coffee (of course), Root Beer, or a Red Blend Wine.

I do! I am an avid lover of anything furry. I currently have a tiny pomeranian and a sheltie. You may also notice some pets in my images that we have had in the past. I love having memories of them with yarn.

Yes, but the question is “Do I want cook?”. One of my favorite things is eating out at a nice restaurant. Forget flowers, give me food. But most nights my husband and I tackle dinner together and enjoy spending time in the kitchen together.

Each week we tend to also host family and friends with plenty of drinks, and laughter.

I speak GIF & Sarcasm fluently.

This one is tough yet straightforward. I have lots of goals, both professional and personal. The struggle all comes down to balance.

So let’s start with my business goals for this year. I’ve branched out and created designs for all ages and offered more sizes. I will continue to create amazing and fun content you want to see, many of them in an organized course. Video tutorials have become a big part of what I do over the last couple of years, and I plan on creating many more.

I continue to be in love with the crochet & knit community, and connecting with everyone on a personal level is essential to me. It inspired my passion, and friendships with a common bond are so enriching in life.

I’m grateful I’ve found a passion that I love and an audience that is so welcoming and loving. So please stay tuned and come along with me! I’ve created a crafting community on Facebook, where we can interact and continuously be in awe or inspired by others.

My other goal? To bring you excellent content on the blog. So each click counts. Thanks for reading about Briana K Designs.