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Vine Colorwork Crochet Sock Pattern
Up Your Crochet Skills

Crochet Colorwork Guide

Not sure the difference between fair isle and intarsia? Need a few tips and tricks in your crochet toolbox?

Let me walk you through some yarn options, how to do a knit-look stitch, and a printable planning worksheet to get you started with your colorwork project.

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Free Colorwork Guide
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The Crochet Colorwork Guide

  • How to Change Color - with image instruction.
  • Type of Colorwork - fair isle, intarsia, tapestry, & mosaic.
  • Daily & Weekly Planner Templates - stay organized. 
  • How to Split Single Crochet - with images & video tutorial.
  • Yarn Inspiration - in different types of fiber.
  • Favorite Tools - what will make colorwork a breeze.
  • Free Sock Pattern - try your hand at a knit-look colorwork sock.


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