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How to Make A Tassel With Yarn

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How to make a tassel

The finishing touches on a project can add so much to the final look. It can take something plain and add that extra pizzaz. Learn how to make a tassel and add some flare to your next project.

How to Make A Tassel Supplies:

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WeCrochet Tassle Maker
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How to Make a Tassel Video:

How to Make a Tassel Instructions:

Step 1:

Hook the yarn under the left side of the Clover Tassel Maker and or hold with your thumb.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 2:

Wrap the yarn around the outside center of the tassel maker. The more you wrap the fuller your tassel will be.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 3:

Hook the yarn under the tab on the right side of the tassel maker or set down to hold it in place.

Step 4:

To create a center tie/cord, fold an 8-inch strand of yarn in half and tie a thick knot in the end. You might have to tie a couple of knots to make it a thick knot.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 5:

Place the knot end of your cord into the center of the tassel strands. Let it sit in the middle of all the strands and shift it slightly below center.

Clover Tassel Maker
Clover Tassel Maker

Step 6:

With another strand of yarn, loop around all the tassel strand in the center and tid a knot. This knot should be tied as tightly as possible.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 7:

Using your scissors, cut in the grove space on one end of the Clover Tassel Maker.

Clover Tassel Maker

Holding the yarn strands in place, rotate to the other side and repeat.

Clover Tassel Maker

Now your yarn strands are free and the Clover Tassel Maker can be set aside.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 8:

Find the center cord and let all the yarn strands fall around the center cord. Feel free to play with the yarn strands a little to get them to lay nicely around the center cord.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 9:

Using your yarn (I’m using a different color for clarification), place the beginning end at the top of the tassel and wrap a loop as shown below.

Clover Tassel Maker

Now wrap the yarn around the top of the tassel clockwise several times, keeping a tight tension.

Clover Tassel Maker
Clover Tassel Maker

Step 10:

Cut the yarn.

Clover Tassel Maker

Pull the end of the yarn through the beginning loop that was made.

Clover Tassel Maker

Pull both ends of the yarn at once until the knot is hidden.

Clover Tassel Maker

Cut the yarn.

Clover Tassel Maker

Step 11:

With a piece of paper or cardstock, wrap around the tassel.

Clover Tassel Maker
Clover Tassel Maker

Cut the ends of the yarn to create a straight bottom.

Clover Tassel Maker

And enjoy!

How to make a tassel
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