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Easy Tonal Crochet Triangle Shawl Every Beginner Should Make

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Want a relaxing crochet shawl with a beautiful repeat? I mean, you can't say no to that, right? When I was on the WeCrochet website, something that happens a lot, I was looking at these two colors of yarn and thought they would go beautiful together as a shawl. So they jumped right onto the delivery truck, and I stalked the mailman until I could have the pretties to whip up the Hawthorne Tonal Crochet Shawl. And if you love working with fingering weight yarn then check out the Short Row Fisherman's Wharf Crochet Shawl or the The On The Bias Suzette Shawl.

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

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I've been into the PBS Series Victoria lately. It's become my favorite show along with Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey. Sometimes I just need an escape in the evenings to relax, crochet, and watch a good TV show. It is a sanity saver. You feel me, right?

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

The Yarn

I've been enjoying the fingering weight yarn for the summer season. So much so, I don't want the season to end. And my favorite fingering weight yarns are the hand-dyed ones, if you haven't had a chance to use any of the Hawthornes yet, start with the Speckled or the Tonal.

Hawthorne Tonal Crochet Shawl Supplies

Crochet Hook:
US H (5.0 mm) crochet hook or size to obtain gauge

Removable stitch markers (3)
Yarn needle to weave in ends
Tassel Maker

Hawthorne Speckle Hand Painted in colorway Spark (Color A) - 1 Hank
Hawthorne Tonal Hand Painted in colorway Slate (Color B)- 1 Hank

357 yds/ 100 g, Fingering Weight Yarn

675 yards (617 m), 2 Balls of Yarn

ch - chain
hdc - Half Double Crochet
MR - Magic Ring
sc - single crochet
st(s) - stitch(es)
Rep - repeat
RS - Right Side
WS - Wrong Side

16 sts and 18 rows = 4” (10 cm) in moss stitch

One Size, adjustable.
Depth: 26 inches (66 cm)
Width: 54 inches (137 cm)
When Blocked

Skill Level:

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl
Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

Hawthorne Tonal Crochet Shawl Notes

The Hawthorne Shawl is crocheted in a triangle shawl shape with easy and relaxing stitch repeat sections using two yarn colors.

Even though the instructions are labeled RS and WS for clarity, the shawl is reversible.

Placing a marker in the Ch 2 space can help keep track of the center increase stitch.

When changing between colors, the type of stitches used also changes, if needed, adjust the tension to prevent any change in gauge.

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

And a few more points:
Color A: Hawthorne Speckle Hand Painted in colorway Spark - 1 Hank
Color B: Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye in colorway Slate - 1 Hank

If a larger shawl is desired, add additional repeats, but remember, you will need one more hank of each color of yarn.

Learn how to do the Magic Ring.

Learn how to make a Your Own Tassel.

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

Video Instructions:

Ettera on video: On row 18 after doing the center increase, ch 1 before doing the next hdc stitch.

Hawthorne Tonal Crochet Shawl Instructions:

1 (RS)Start with Color A and work the following inside a MR: ch 1 (does not count as a st), sc, ch 2 (place marker in ch 2 space), sc, pull right tightly closed, turn.
2 (WS)Ch 1, sc in the first sc, ch 1, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch 2 space, ch 1, sc in last sc, turn.
3Ch 1, sc in the first sc, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in ch 1 space, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch 2 space, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in ch 1 space, sc in last, turn.
4-16Ch 1, sc in first, ch 1, *(sc, ch 1) in each of the next ch 1 spaces* until next marker at ch 2 space, (sc, ch 2, sc) in the ch 2 space, ch 1, rep from * to * until last st, sc in last, turn. Fasten off yarn.
17With Color B: Ch 1, hdc in the first st, ch 1, hdc in each stitch across (including chain spaces) until the marker, (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in chain 2 space, hdc in each stitch across until last st, ch 1, hdc in last, turn.
18Ch 1, hdc in first, (ch 1, hdc) in chain space, *(ch 1, skip 1, hdc)*, rep from * to * across until marker, (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in chain 2 space, *(hdc, ch 1, skip 1)* rep from * to * until the last st, hdc in last, turn.
19-22Repeat Row 17
23Repeat Row 18
24Repeat Row 17, fasten off yarn.
25With Color A: Ch 1, sc in first, (ch 1, sc) in chain space, (ch 1, skip 1, sc) across until marker, ch 1, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch 2 space, (ch 1, skip 1, sc) until chain space, ch 1, sc in chain space, ch 1, sc in last, turn.
26-38Repeat Row 4
39-46Repeat Rows 17-24
47-68Repeat rows 25-46 one more time.
 For a longer shawl, repeat rows 47-68 as many times as desired. When finished with repeats, fasten off.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Place tassels on each end if desired. Block shawl and wear!

Crochet Chart

Hawthorne Shawl Chart
Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

Well That Was Fun! What's Next?

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