Infinity Crochet Cables Interview

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Back in August 2019, Kathryn Vercillo interviewed me for Happily Hooked digital magazine so that I could share more about my infinity cable technique. I’m really proud of this unique technique that allows you to learn how to create more three-dimensional crochet cables. So, today, I thought I’d share that old interview with you in full.

Infinity Crochet Cables Interview

Briana Kepner has invented a unique approach to cabling in crochet called Infinity Crochet. She took the general look and feel of crochet cables, altered the technique involved in creating them, and came up with an innovative design that vastly opens up the possibilities for cabling in crochet. She has used this approach to create more than two dozen different crochet patterns rich in texture. She joins us here for an interview about this unique work.

But first, let’s highlight the key differences between regular crochet cables and the Infinity Crochet cables technique. With Infinity Crochet, you can:

  • Cleanly start and stop anywhere, leaving minimal (or even no) holes in the cable shape
  • Crochet a complete circle with cables, even creating letters and symbols
  • The cables truly pop out of the fabric adding a lot of interesting dimension
  • Work cables over a variety of background stitches adding richness to the fabric’s texture
  • Work both horizontally and vertically, offering more design potential

Here’s a one-minute video that clearly explains these differences:

When and how did you learn to crochet?

Like many crafters, I originally learned to crochet from family members when I was young. I dabbled in projects here and there but wasn't really interested in it as a hobby until years later when I was pregnant with my first son. My mom was in town for the birth and I was grouchy because being 10 days overdue is not fun. To pass the time we picked up crochet hooks. She wanted to teach me a few more techniques so I could make an item for his newborn pictures. Before I could finish the item, I went into labor. My mom finished that project for me. Only a couple of weeks after his birth, my love for crochet “clicked” and I haven't put down my hook since. 

Learn more about me here.

What was your own journey into crochet design like? What have been the biggest joys and challenges?

My journey has felt natural most of the time, but it's taken a lot of dedication. My biggest challenge is accepting delays. It's so hard some days to put crochet aside and put my family first because crochet is also an escape and anxiety relief. As a special needs parent, I am so grateful for the outlet but also frustrated at times when I don't get the opportunity to pick up my hooks.  

I used to get down on myself for my workflow; it seemed while everyone else was meticulous in the way they would plan designs I’d just fly from moment to moment and jump from color to color. Most of my ideas happen when I'm just waking up in the morning or when I’m taking a shower in the evening. During those few moments of silence, ideas pop in my head randomly. I've learned to just go with it without questioning my process. Acceptance is something my 30's are teaching me well. Accepting my random and often unplanned workflow has gotten easier. Sometimes we don't need to fit inside the box because the way we are is fabulous. 

It sounds like despite the challenges, crafting has brought great things to your life. 

Crochet and knitting are things that are just mine. While it's something so many people do across the world, we each practice the craft in our own way and in our own time. I get to determine every aspect without judgment, allowing me to shut out the noise of society’s expectations. So many of us are bombarded with pressure from all angles; crafting empowers us to make our own choices. We choose to pick up the yarn and we choose what we want to make all while enjoying the creative process.

Eventually, you learned about crochet cables. What are your memories of first learning this technique?

Many crocheters find cables to be intimidating, and I was no different. However, once I did my first cable, I realized that while it looks difficult, it really is not! I loved the look BUT something was always lacking for me in comparison with the variety of knit cables I would see. 

I often translate many of my patterns back and forth between crochet and knit. I longed to mimic the knit cables but found the methods available were coming up short. Frustration set in and I just could not accept the limitations of crochet cables. I had to come up with something new.

What was it like when you first started tackling that crochet goal?

My very first swatch took too many tries to count. All I wanted to do was create a circle that was small and simple, but I knew that if I could do it, then infinity crochet cables were possible. I never wanted to give up and I was determined to see my hook work up the best possible cable crochet circle. 

Now that you’ve perfected it, what do you like about the infinity crochet cable technique?

What I love most is the possibilities of traveling cables quickly and also the flexibility to translate the design to knit. It's not a complicated process and it makes so much sense to try. My favorite phrase that I hear over and over from fans is: “Why haven't we been doing it like this from the start?”

Which is your favorite of your infinity crochet patterns and why?

Hands down the Infinity Bulky Braided Wrap.

Infinity Crochet Cables Bulky Braided Wrap

There were some things that happened behind the scenes on this one that will help push future designs forward. I had drawn it up on graph paper using some 'rules' that I felt applied. In just minutes, I was looking at a concept I couldn't wait to try. When my theory worked out, I was so pumped. I'm considering offering a class to other designers someday to teach them the rules for easily graph drawing cables in minutes and having them work up perfectly each time. 

That would be a terrific thing to offer. What do you most hope people will take away from learning your unique approach to crochet cables?

I hope they take away pride in their work. The impressive pop of the cables is attention-grabbing and so satisfying. Cabling is not difficult, but it’s also not a beginner-level skill, so when someone completes a cable, they should be proud of themselves.

Julie of ACCROcrochet created a French translation of your approach to infinity crochet cables. How did that come about?

Julie has been a good friend of mine for years now. We randomly met in person on a last-minute trip to CGOA in Charleston. We were so last-minute that many of the classes were full and that gave us a lot of time to just hang out. We had never met before but shared a hotel room and had a blast.

When I saw her again at CGOA in Chicago, I shared with her the concept of Infinity Crochet Cables. Only a handful of people even knew it existed at that time and I valued her input and wanted her in on the process. She has been an amazing supporter and is an incredible person and artist. You can never have too many awesome crafting friends.

She’s also a great designer. It would be great if she came up with a new Infinity Design.

You yourself have more than two dozen infinity crochet cable designs ... will there continue to be new ones?

There will be many, many more! I can't wait to see how many I create over my lifetime.

As a photographer, what are a few simple tips that you can offer to someone who wants to capture the details of Infinity crochet cables in a photo?

Lighting is your best friend and you don't need fancy equipment. Most of the time I photograph in front of a big window or outdoors in the evenings. You really can't go wrong with the golden hour (one hour before sunset) when the light isn't too harsh, and the colors of your piece really pop. Also, never be afraid of some shadowing, because it really helps highlight the dimension of these cables. 

Before we wrap up, let’s talk about a few of your favorite things. What’s your favorite fiber?

If you asked my husband this question, he could absolutely answer it, because he knows by now what my favorite fiber is. I LOVE MERINO WOOL! I always gravitate towards it in either a dk or worsted weight. The fiber is just so soft and drapes so well with amazing temperature control properties. No scratchy wool over here!

My current favorite Merino Wool is Swish from WeCrochet.

I'm thrilled to share this amazing crochet pattern with you, and the best part is, it's absolutely free! Thanks to the revenue I receive from Ads and affiliate links, I can offer this pattern without any cost to you. Find my privacy & disclosure policy here. However, I kindly request that you don't copy and paste or distribute this pattern. It's a way for me to protect my hard work and ensure that I can continue providing great content for free.
Prefer an ad-free experience? Buy a digital PDF pattern for a small fee from one of my online stores. It's a fantastic option if you prefer to have a more professional, seamless crochet journey.
I really appreciate your support and readership. You're the reason I can keep doing what I love and sharing it with others. So, thank you from the bottom of my yarn-loving heart!

How about your favorite crochet hooks?

You can see all of my favorites in my post about best crochet hooks!

What's your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite group is the Briana K Community Group on Facebook. I love seeing the projects completed with my patterns and also many other creative projects that may not even be yarn-related. It's a place to leave behind the stress and communicate with fellow passionate crafters. When I've had a really hard day and I feel down this is the encouraging place I visit on social media.

Ready to get started? Check out my free Infinity Cable Swatch pattern. It includes a video to help you learn the technique. Or dig into one of my other infinity crochet patterns.

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