Best Crochet Hooks: Learn How to Choose!

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Do you want to find the best crochet hooks for you? It can feel overwhelming with the many choices on the market to know which one you might like best. I'm going to walk you through the anatomy of a hook, different hook sizes, and the types of hooks to help you make the best choices.

You and your best crochet friend might have totally different favorites. It's kinda like food, we all have our likes. And if you are a wine drinker, think of it as different wines go with different foods. Same for hooks! Different hooks can pair with different yarns. It's all about tasting and sampling everything.

best crochet hooks guide

The first thing we must talk about is what each part of the hook is labeled and how they may differ from brand to brand. Keep on reading for my list of favorite hooks and pricing.

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The latest NEW hook set in the crochet world!

Playful and comfortable, these Dot hooks will keep you crocheting for hours. Each hook is marked with the mm information and color-coded by size. Dot hooks also include a unique hole at the end, perfect for holding stitch markers or keeping your hooks together. Hooks are 6.5" long (handle is 4.75"), great for those that like a longer hook. Featuring a smooth, slightly triangular thumb pad, the hook supports your natural grip—perfect for both pencil and knife-hold crocheters.


Anatomy Of A Crochet Hook

anatomy of a crochet hook
The Head, Throat, & Shaft Of The Crochet Hook

For me, the head of the hook is just as important as the grip, possibly more important. There are two main types of hook heads, inline or tapered. When it comes to picking between an inline or tapered hook, it really comes down to preference.

An inline hook has a deeper space between the hook and the shaft. And it can have a sharper point, which I find helpful for working the split single crochet stitch when doing colorwork. Because the throat has a faster taper it tends to have a thinner throat. So, even when you have the same crochet hook sizes between two brands, these shapes differ.

A tapered hook will look curvier, without sharp lines. This is helpful for reducing splitting yarn that isn't plied tightly or is very textured.

The two entry-level hooks most talked about are Susa Bates (inline) and Boye (tapered). Since these basic metal hooks are inexpensive, it's great to try each of them out and see which type of crochet head you prefer.

The Grip & Handle Of The Crochet Hook

When it comes to the handle, this is where we start to see lots and lots of variations and styles. From basic to ergonomic, with different types of materials from plastic, wood, steel, and resin. We will go over each type, and even the combinations, below.

Best Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hook Sizes

How are hook sizes labeled? It can often feel confusing to the new crocheters to see numbers and letters on a hook. What means what? And what's even more confusing is that the labeling for crochet hook sizes can vary by where you live.

Listen, if I had my way we would all get on the same page and only use one form of labeling, but I feel we have passed the point of no return. So instead, I've made this chart to help you out. Whenever in doubt, go by the millimeters, that's just math and fact.

The way crochet hook sizes are labeled in the United States is different than in the United Kingdom. This crochet hook size chart will come in handy if you are ever in doubt. Be sure to pin it and bookmark this post.

crochet hook sizes chart

Types of Crochet Hooks

Here we go for the best part, the best crochet hooks. When it comes to finding which you like best, it's a process of trial and error. Whenever working with a new hook, give it a chance. It will always feel odd at first, but complete at least one project with it before forming an opinion.

And if you are looking for a new hobby, I recommend collecting a variety of different hooks, I enjoy it myself lol.

Wood Crochet Hooks

best crochet hooks be we crochet

WeCrochet Mosaic Hooks

The Mosaic Wood Crochet Hook Set gives you the same strong and smooth layers of laminated birch in every color you could want. 

Hooks start at $9.28/$43.00 set

Click HERE for Mosaic Hooks

A crochet hook in a colorwork yoke

Divit Shilp Crochet Hooks

These hooks are available on Amazon for a pretty incredible price. They are crafted from maple wood and are very lightweight. The shaping of the wood helps keep your hands comfortable.

Hooks Start At $10.85

Click HERE for Divit Shilp Hooks

best crochet hooks by furls

Furls Streamline Wood

The tip of the Streamlines is less rounded than our other lines for better stitch penetration while working through projects.

Hooks start at $18.50

Click HERE for Streamline Wood

Metal Hooks with Rubber & Plastic Handles

crochet hook sizes and colors

Clover Amour Hooks

One of my favorite starter sets. I love the metal on these hooks and the rubber helps keep a good grip.

Hooks start At $6.99/$59.00 for set

Click HERE for Clover Amour

Best Crochet Hooks by Etimo

Etimo Crochet Hooks

Signature soft comfort-grip handles, these hooks allow for greater accuracy in your work and increased comfort in your grip, resulting in longer, more fulfilling stitch sessions.

Hooks start at $10.98/$99.00 for set

Click HERE for Etimo Crochet Hooks

Best Crochet Hooks in Different Crochet Hook Sizes

Bella Coco Crochet Hooks

Perfect for my UK friends, but there is US shipping too! These have a soft grip with an ergonomic and tactile handle.

Hook set starts at $47.00

Click HERE for Bella Coco Hooks

Crochet Hooks in Different Sizes

WeCrochet Bright Hooks

cheery, bright crochet hook set features wide, easy-to-grip handles and light aluminum hooks for hours of comfortable crocheting.

Hook set starts at $9.99

Click HERE for WeCrochet Bright Hooks

Resin Crochet Hooks

A cozy crochet setup with balls of yarn, the best crochet hooks, a wooden tray, and a cup of coffee, accompanied by decorative greenery.

Ophire Hooks

The smooth, rounded head and tapered throat allow the yarn to glide easily and prevent the splitting of fibers.

Hooks start at $20.00

Click HERE for Boye Resin Hook

Omni resin crochet hooks

Ommi Crochet Hook

The resin crochet comes with 7 inches of length and is very comfortable to hold, with a smooth and polished touch.

Hook starts at $11.95

Click HERE for Ommi Crochet Hook

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Divit Shilp Ergonomic

Each resin crochet hook is finely made and comprises a smooth and polished touch that lets you knit effortlessly; it also makes a great gift to someone who loves crocheting.

Hook starts at $11.95

Click HERE for Divit Shilp Crochet Hook

resin crochet hooks

Furls Streamline Resin

Streamline Swirl hooks are first-hand cast with cosmetic-quality resin and resin-based pigments and then turned and carved into the ergonomic Streamline shape. They come in so many colors you have to see them all!

Hooks start at $24.00

Click HERE for Furls Streamline Hooks

Handmade Hooks from Artists

handmade crochet hooks

Art Crochet Hook

Unique handmade wooden and resin crochet hooks in available and to order in their shop!

Hooks in shop start at $24

Click HERE for Art Crochet Hooks

Most Unique Crochet Hook

Bowl Tech Crochet Hook

Made from Cherry wood and Dried Kawaii Happy Flowers Purple 5 flowers set in clear resin stunning combination of wood and resin.

Hook Starts at $50.00

Click HERE for Bowl Tech Hook

Beautiful Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks by Kate

The hooks are made from aluminum metal parts and artistic resin.
Photo's don't do it justice! They are super sparkly!

Hooks start at $32.00

Click HERE for Crochet Hooks by Kate

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