No-Sew Bag Liner

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Raise your hand if you are not on speaking terms with your sewing machine and want to do a no-sew bag liner?

*Raises both hands*

I seriously envy those with awesome sewing skills. And while I have been known to create some awesome things with my sewing machine…it’s not at the top of my list for crafts I enjoy. 

So here and there I’ve found ways to avoid getting out the sewing machine and solve my needs with a quick fix.

No Sew Bag Liner

Be careful to iron test a small area of the crochet bag before going on all on this step to make sure it won’t melt your yarn. A cotton bag is the best candidate for this method as some acrylic yarns will melt if not careful. 

I hope you really enjoy not only avoiding your sewing machine but creating a usable bag liner you will enjoy. I love being able to bring you awesome crochet and tutorial content, will you please help keep this possible? Pinning this post and sharing with friends is a great way to say thanks. 

No-Sew Bag Liner Supplies

  • Fusible Bonding Web for Heavy or Medium Fabrics, a couple of brands are shown below.
  • Iron
  • Measuring Tape
  • Heavy Fabric: Two pieces of fabric with each piece of fabric being the width of your bag plus 2 inches and the height of your bag plus 2 inches.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Cotton cloth or clean dish towel

Step 1:

Start with cutting your fabric the correct size. You can choose a lightweight fabric or something heavy and still like canvas. Just be sure to purchase the right bonding tape (lightweight or heavyweight) that matches the weight of your fabric.

If your bag shape is different than a square or rectangle, then place your bag flat on top of the fabric and draw an outline of the bag onto the fabric, one inch beyond the fabric edge. 

No Sew Bag Liner

Step 2:

Next, place the bonding tape around the bottom edges between the two pieces of fabric. Do not place bonding tape at the top as we will need this open to be functional. You may need to take this in steps and cut pieces of bonding tape around curved edges. 

No Sew Bag Liner

Step 3:

With your iron on the suggested temperature found on the bonding tape instructions (most likely medium to medium/high), Iron the pieces of fabric together. I found it useful to place a cotton dishcloth between my iron and canvas bag fabric to make this easier and ensure I don’t burn my liner somehow. 

No Sew Bag Liner

Step 4:

Once you have your two pieces of fabric bonded together and cooled down, flip the top of the fabric liner over about one inch. Test out the sizing of the liner by placing it into the bag and making sure the liner will sit just below the crochet bag’s top edge. Adjust as necessary.

No Sew Bag Liner

Step 5:

With the fabric liner placed inside the crochet bag, cut a piece of bonding tape the width of the bag and place between the bag liner and the crochet bag. I like to iron from the inside of the bag lining so I don’t compromise my crochet piece.

No Sew Bag Liner

And that’s it! Once the top of the bag liner is bonded to the inside of the crochet piece you are ready to use the bag with a no-sew bag liner. Place handles on the bag if desired and enjoy your new and functional fashion accessory! And all done without sewing!

No Sew Bag Liner

I hope you enjoyed learning about the No-Sew Bag Liner. Check out my other knit and crochet tutorials for even more tips and methods.

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