Valencia Cables. 


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Walking on Water

Valencia is known for it’s Arts and Sciences, and each street reflects it’s character. Valencia is also known for turning a crisis into a beautiful work of art. The Turia river caused a devastating flood in 1957, so the city diverted the river, and created a unique landscape infrastructure winding through the city center. So once where there was water, now is a lush green walking park for all to enjoy. 


The Valencia sweater has size options from extra small to 4X. But what size should you make? It depends on what fit you would like. The pattern is written with bust sizes and average ease, but if you would like an over-sized sweater (shown above for me in orange) simply go up a size or two.  

New Solutions

A few years ago I was frustrated with crochet cables. I didn’t want to scrap the whole thing, but I did want to take what we had and create something new that worked better.

The solution became known as Infinity Crochet. It’s a way of working cables on top of background stitches that eliminates holes while adding some pop.

To learn more about Infinity Crochet benefits check out the special Infinity Crochet section of the website. 


Still nervous about trying out this pattern? I have a video (found below) to guide you through the important Infinity Crochet Cable steps to ensure the band works up easily.