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The Arrow Crochet Blanket is great for the crocheter wanting to try colorwork. With its easy stitch repeat and fun design, any crochet level will enjoy this project. This crochet blanket is also easy to adjust to any size. The border is crocheted in a nice modern style with a clean look.

For this crochet blanket, I use WeCrochet Brava Worsted Yarn. This is one of my favorite acrylic yarns that comes in a variety of colors. I can just imagine some of the great combinations, so many to choose from! And it’s excellent for customizing your home decor, or for a baby room theme. This one is sure to win at any baby shower.

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Arrow Crochet Blanket Supplies:

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Crochet Hook:

Size 5.5mm (I) Crochet Hook 


Removable stitch markers if needed
Yarn needle to weave in ends


WeCrochet Brava Worsted

100% Premium Acrylic, 218yds/100g

Arrow Crochet Blanket


1,300yds (1,189m) total yardage

Main Color: Persimmon 850yds (777m); 4 Balls

Contrast Color: Dove Heather 450yds (413m); 2 Balls


cc – contrast color

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

mc – main color

st(s) – stitch(es)

Stsc – stacked single crochet


13.5 sts and 9.5 rows = 4” (10 cm)

in half double crochet stitch before blocking

Skill Level:

Easy Beginner


Finished Blanket With Border: 32” (81cm) wide 41” (104cm) long

*The border is approx. 1.5 inches thick.


The Arrow Crochet Blanket is created by using the tapestry crochet technique in rows.

This technique works with multiple colors in one row or round, but there is less of a need to weave in ends. The yarn colors not in use are worked over by the current color and they will sit within the stitches being worked.

Blanket Edge Video:

To learn more about crochet colorwork and different techniques, visit Ways To Colorwork In Crochet

Arrow Crochet Blanket Notes:

This pattern is worked in half double crochet stitches in rows. It can easily be sized by chaining additional width in multiples of 32 and crocheting more rows. Feel free to use the colors in your stash or match your own home decor theme. There is a chart at the end of the pattern to help visually with the color changes. It can also be used to help you plot your own color choices.

The beginning stitch is worked as a stacked single crochet instead of chaining. This counts as a stitch.

More on the Stacked Single Crochet:

Need Help With Colorwork? Check out this post on changing colors:

Arrow Crochet Blanket Body Pattern:

Row 1(RS): With MC Ch 100, working in the second chain from the hook, hdc in each stitch across, turn. (the stitch count is 99 on every row)

Row 2 (WS): With MC Stsc, hdc across, turn.

Row 3: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 7, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 7, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 3, turn.

Row 4: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 3, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 5, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 5, (MC) x 7, turn.

Row 5: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 5, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 1, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 3, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 5, turn.

Row 6: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 5, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 1, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 3, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 5, turn.

Row 7: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 3, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 5, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 5, (MC) x 7, turn.

Row 8: With MC Stsc, (MC) x 7, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 8, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 7, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 3, turn.

Repeat Rows 1-8 for 10 more times

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Arrow Crochet Blanket

Arrow Crochet Blanket Blanket Edge

Round 1: With CC1 join yarn at the corner of the blanket and sl st around the edge, on corners work a sl st, ch 2, sl st, join.

Round 2: Working in the blo of the slip sts, Stsc, hdc in the third loop until next corner, (hdc, ch 2, hdc) into corner chain space, join.

Switch between CC yarn and MC yarn every other round.

The hdc stitches will always be worked in the third loop for the rest of the blanket edging.

Rounds 3-5: Stsc, hdc in the third loop until next corner, (hdc, ch 2, hdc) into corner chain space, join.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Block blanket to measurements.

arrow crochet blanket


I hope you have enjoyed making the Arrow Crochet Blanket Pattern!

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