Knit Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial & Easy Pattern

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Knit Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial & Easy Pattern

Want a quick and easy gift idea? The Knit Honeycomb Earwarmer Headband uses the Knit Honeycomb Stitch for a quick and fun project. This might just be a project you keep for yourself and wear throughout the year. It's a great beginner knit pattern to explore the honeycomb knit stitch.

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How to Knit Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial & Headband Pattern

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Knit Honeycomb Earwarmer Pattern Supplies:

Knitting Needles:

Size 7 (4.5 mm), Furls Needles


Yarn Needle
Wooden Rings


Upcycle Reserve Wool Worsted by WeCrochet in coloway Amarillo


Approx. 60 Yards (55 meters)


k- knit
p - purl
RS- Right Side
sts- Stitches
WS- Wrong Side
wyib - With Yarn In Back


16 sts and 16 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stitch pattern


20 inches (51 cm) long
4 inches (10 cm) wide

Skill Level:

Easy/Advanced Beginner

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Knit Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial Notes:

This pattern is worked in rows until the desired length and then stitched together around a ring.

Long Tail Cast-On: Learn how to knit the long-tail cast on to begin this knit honeycomb stitch headband pattern.

Honeycomb Earwarmer Headband Pattern

Knit Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial Video:

Before you learn how to make the ear warmer headband, you should learn how to knit honeycomb stitch. It's a great textured stitch inspired by the organic nature of bees' honeycombs. It's an easy repeating stitch pattern, and it's one that you might want to use again and again once you know how to do it. Add it to your repertoire today with this video tutorial:


Knit Honeycomb Stitch Earwarmer Instructions:

RowDescriptionSt Count
1(RS)Long Tail Cast On 18 & knit (knit row for repeats)18
2 (WS)*k1, wyib slip purlwise*; repeat from * to * across row18
4*wyib slip purlwise, k1*; repeat from * to * across row18
RepeatsRepeat Rows 1-4 until the piece measures approx. 20 inches.18
Bind OffUse the basic bind off, and fasten off leaving a 12 inch tail. 

Knit Honeycomb Stitch Earwarmer Finishing:

Lay the piece flat with the wrong sides facing you. Fold each side in towards the middle. Using your ring, fold one edge through the ring and stitch into place. Repeat for other side. Weave in ends and wear!

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