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Beginner Lace Knit Poncho Pattern

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Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Is this your first time knitting a beginner lace knit poncho with a lightweight yarn? Or are you an expert? This pattern has a beautiful simplistic stitch for a beautiful drape and wearable poncho.

This knit pattern uses the knit stitch, often referred to as stockinette to create a basic fabric garment.

If you have a knitting machine, this can quickly be worked up within an hour.

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If you prefer to crochet, visit the Beginner Lace Crochet Poncho Pattern.

Crochet Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Simple Knit Poncho

Sometimes using a simplistic stitch repeat can not only be relaxing but have a beautiful effect. This poncho uses the knit and purl stitch in rows and I was so impressed with how it turned out in the Lion Brand Amazing Lace Yarn.

I could see this in a white for a bride. Or even in a shade of pink for bridesmaid in a spring wedding. The beginner lace knit poncho so light and airy with softness to the max.

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Can the Knit Shawl be Resized?

I often get asked how difficult it is to resize specific patterns. This one is not difficult at all! Because of the simple construction and pattern repeat, it would be easy to make this larger or smaller.

This poncho construction is a rectangle with one seam. Super easy and quick! Sizing can be done by either adding or subtracting the beginning cast on and then following the instructions.

And to adjust the length, all one has to do is stop and bind off when the desired length is knitted.

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

This can also be worn in several ways simply by shifting the placement on the body. Personally I love the diagonal look by having the longer side placed to one side of the body.

A triangle effect happens when the longer side is worn on the front. So versatile in looks! 

And with the lightweight it’s easy to take places in a bag and then use when the evening chill starts to set in. 

This can be a casual or an evening out fashion accessory. 

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Spring is nature's way of saying,

‘Let’s Party!’

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

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Knitting Needle: 8 (5.0) mm or size needed to obtain gauge
Removable stitch markers if needed
Yarn needle to weave in ends

Lion Brand:
• Amazing Lace
Suggested Substitutes:
Red Heart It’s A Wrap
Hobbii Soft Alpaca Lace
KnitPicks Gloss Lace

Any lace weight yarn can be substituted as long as the gauge can be matched. 

• 1,100 yards (1,098 m)
1 Ball Needed

Length: 60 inches (152 cm)
Width: 16 inches (41 cm)

• p - purl
• k - knit
• st(s) - stitch(es)
• RS - Right Side
• WS - Wrong Side

Skill Level:
• Easy/ Beginner

• 18 sts and 24 rows = 4x4” (10 cm)
in Stockinette Stitch (Knit Stitch)


Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern


Don’t shy away from using a lace yarn and enjoy working up a light, airy, and wearable summer poncho.

– This pattern is worked in rows until the desired length is achieved. It can easily be adjusted to different sizes by working more stitches on the first row for the width and also crocheting additional length.

Double Crochet V-Stitch Video:

Knit Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

Knit Lace Poncho Pattern:

RowDescriptionStitch Count
1Cast on 72 stitches.To change the width of the poncho either cast on more or less.72
2 (RS)Knit72
3 (WS)Purl72
4Repeat rows 2-3 until piece measures approx. 60 inches in length (approx. 405 rows). Bind off on a right side row knitwise.Add or remove rows if adjust the sizing. Fasten off and weave in ends.72

How to Seam the Knit Poncho:

Fold the poncho in half lengthwise. With a yarn needle and yarn, seam the top edge with the mattress stitch, leaving approx. ⅓ of the edge open for your head to fit through. The fringe will be placed on the remaining open edges. 

Shown on crochet version below, but the same concept for the knit version. 

Crochet Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

How to Attach Fringe:

When cutting the fringe, wrap the yarn around a card (I used my sister’s wedding announcement lol) or length of a cell phone and cut once to save time.

To attach the fringe on the edges we will be using a larks head knot.

Larkshead knot
Crochet Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern
Crochet Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern
Crochet Beginner Lace Weight Poncho Pattern

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