If you haven’t heard the news yet there is a new awesome crafting community in town and I’m excited to be part of it. 

Get Creative With Us came about because we felt there was a need for a positive community with crafting inspiration. 

Each week we have a new Coach to introduce a craft you may have not tried. Or a fun quick project that isn’t overwhelming and helps you keep crafty. We all see the need for our own mental health to take time for our creative outlets. We have done the planning so all you have to do is jump on in!

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This week is my week to introduce a fun craft and I chose a Macrame Feather! It’s an easy, quick, and fun basic intro to Macrame.  

Gather Supplies:

 – Scissors

– Keychain or if doing a wall hanging a branch.

– Cotton Yarn. For this project we are going to use any cotton yarn scraps you may have. There are many supplies and cords available for different types of Macrame, if you would like to learn more I’m going to link this awesome blog post by Modern Macrame.
For the rainbow Macrame Feather above I used I Love This Cotton  304 Brights. For the Macrame Feather in the video I used Bernat Cotton.


Being a visual person myself, I decided to put together a video for this project so it’s easier to follow along. If you are ready simply click play and create!
As you noticed from the video this makes a great accessory for so many projects. It can also be used for home decor if you want to make it a bit larger by using larger strands. If you would like to take your Macrame skills to the next level also click on the crochet or knit shawl pattern below. Each one has a macrame end to add a unique stylish feature.