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Polka Dot Knit Stocking

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Polka Dot Stocking Knit Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

I can’t wait for you to try out the Polka Dot Knit Stocking, but first, I wanted to ask if you have a family tradition?
One of my son’s teachers asked this question, and I had to pause. We don’t do elf on the shelf, we sometimes get to make and decorate cookies, but some years we run out of time.

And then my husband reminded me we have lots of traditions. The main one is all the stockings I make each year. He feels like it’s become a tradition for me to add a new handmade stocking even though there is no more room by the fire.

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Polka Dot Stocking Knit Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

I told him it’s going to keep happening, so he better start putting some nails in the walls for future years lol.

By far, I think our children will always see Lego Christmas Village as their tradition.

It all began years ago, but the real story was even before that. Roll the memories back to my college days. The first Christmas my husband and I were dating, we found ourselves at a craft store. I mean, he knew from the start who he was dating, and that regular craft store trips were part of the deal, haha.

Briana K Designs Winter Lego Christmas Village

As we were walking the isles, he saw the porcelain winter houses and said someday he wanted to do that. I responded with an ‘Excuse me, grandma? Ummm, no. You better find a new girlfriend.’

The next thing we knew, an older lady was giggling as she listened to our argument of why I was not on board with a glass village. I was a nanny at the time to anything breakable was my worst nightmare; it doesn’t work with children.

Briana K Designs Winter Lego Christmas Village

Arguably I mentioned it’s just a dust collector, and I already had too many gifts people thought I would like that became dust collectors.

I think he was just shocked; how was I on board. It was the craft store, and I should like anything and everything there, right?

Fast forward to the year we had our son and visited Disney Springs to see the holiday decor. And then we wandered into the Lego store, and he saw the set of his dreams. A winter holiday village but in Legos. And instantly I knew this was my future.

Briana K Designs Winter Lego Christmas Village

He was so excited, and I was cool with it. So each year since we take the kids down to Disney Springs and get the newest edition in the set. It’s become one of the best traditions the whole family enjoys. It’s unique and special, and my boys think the whole thing rocks. While I tend to sit back, enjoy the view, and snack with wine while everyone else builds, I’m known to help put a few things together. Better than the glass you can’t play with or touch.

Whatever your traditions are, enjoy every single moment. I already feel like each season goes by too fast, and the traditions help us slow down and remember to take time to enjoy those we love. That’s why traditions are important, even if it’s just building Legos.

When I tell people this has become our tradition, I get a few more questions on how to get the legos. It is hard to come across previous sets. However, it’s never too late to start building. Lego has released a train twice now (we weren’t collecting yet when they did the first one). And it never disappoints.

So you do not need to go to a Lego store, it is on Amazon, but it is essential to get it while it’s there. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and difficult to find ever again.


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Are you ready to jump right in and crochet? Before you get started, take a moment to hop on over to this post. Learn about the different ways to do crochet color-work but also for a freebie!

The printable Sheep Yarn Bobbins are super helpful and also cute. You can even cut them out on a cutting machine!

Polka Dot Crochet Stocking Supplies:

• Knitting Needles  Size US 10.5 (6 mm) circular knitting needles or 5 double pointed needles; Size US 8 (5.0 mm) for stocking tab.

• Yarn Needle
• Scissors

• Red Heart Hygge  (affiliate link)
in colorways Pearl and Ivy

• 145 Yards (133 meters)
If gauge is met, other yarns of the same weight can be substituted:
Red Heart Super Saver
Bernat Super Value
Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Premier Yarns Everyday Worsted


• 15 sts and 18 rows = 4” (10 cm)
in stockinette

• Length: 17” (43 cm)
• Width: 6.5” (16.5 cm

• Bobble Stitch*
• k – knit
• k2tog- knit two together
• p – purl
• st(s) – stitch(es)
• ssk – slip slip knit
• yo – yarn over

Skill Level:
• Advanced Beginner

Many of the supplies can be found at the affiliate links below:


-The polka dot stocking is worked in the round, from bottom up starting at the toe. The bobbles are then worked in a second color, but the stocking can also be worked in one solid color. 

Polka Dot Stocking Knit Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

Special Stitches:

k2tog – knit two together: place right hand needle under the second and then the first stitch of the left needle as if to knit, knit the two stitches together and pull them off the left needle.

ssk – slip, slip, knit: slip the first stitch on the left-hand needle as if to knit, repeat with the second stitch on the left-hand needle, insert the left-hand needle into the front loops of theses stitches from left to right, wrap yarn around the right-hand needle and knit the two slipped stitches together.

Knit Bobble Video:

Kitchener Stitch:


Polka Dot Knit Stocking Instructions:

Stocking Cuff:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1With US 10.5 (6 mm) needles and Ivy color yarn, cast on 48, placing 12 stitches each on needles #1, #2, #3, and #4, joinIf using circular needles, use the magic loop method or a short cord.48
2-10*k2, p2; repeat * around48

Stocking Body:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
11-13With Pearl color yarn, knit48
14*With Pearl color yarn k3, with Ivy color yarn bobble; repeat * around48
15-17With Pearl color yarn knit48
18*With Pearl color yarn k1, with Ivy color yarn bobble, with Pearl color yarn knit 2; repeat * around48
19-21With Pearl color yarn knit48
22-31Repeat Rounds 14-2148
32-39Repeat Rounds 14-1848
Heel Set UpWe will come back later to work the heel. For now, using a piece of waste yarn, k24, cut yarn, and return to the first needle of the round. Note: If you have an extra needle to knit the waste yarn stitches it will go a bit easier, if not no worries, simply slip the waste yarn stitches back to the left-hand needle and then begin next row. See image at end of the pattern.48
40-41With Pearl color yarn knit48
RepeatsRepeat rounds 14-21 two more times48

Stocking Toe:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1With Ivy color knit48
2*ssk, k20, k2tog; repeat from * around.44
4*ssk, k18, k2tog; repeat from * around.40
6*ssk, k16, k2tog; repeat from * around.36
8*ssk, k14, k2tog; repeat from * around.32
10*ssk, k12, k2tog; repeat from * around.28
12*ssk, k10, k2tog; repeat from * around.24
13knit, fasten off leaving a long tail for grafting24
 For circular needles place half the stitches on the front and half on back and graft the stitches together using the kitchener stitch. For dpn’s, use kitchener stitch to graft the stitches on needles #1 and #2 to the stitches on needles #3 and #4. 

Stocking Heel:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
1Arrange the 48 stitches of the held heel live stitches and leg stitches onto needles. For dpn’s arrange 24 heel stitches on needles #1 and #2, and the 24 leg stitches onto needles #3 ane #4. With Ivy color yarn, * pick-up and knit 1 stitch from the side of heel, k24, pick up and knit 1 st from side of heel; repeat from * around.52
2*ssk, k22, k2tog; repeat from * around.48
4*ssk, k20, k2tog; repeat from * around.44
6*ssk, k18, k2tog; repeat from * around.40
8*ssk, k16, k2tog; repeat from * around.36
10*ssk, k14, k2tog; repeat from * around.32
12*ssk, k12, k2tog; repeat from * around.28
14*ssk, k11, k2tog; repeat from * around.24

Use kitchener stitch to graft the stitches on needles #1 and #2 to the stitches on needles #3 and #4. Sew in all loose ends and block.

Stocking Tab:

RoundDescriptionStitch Count
Row 1With US 8 (5.0 mm) needles and Ivy color yarn, cast on 66
2-30Working in rows use stockinette stitch for a total of 30 rows6

Stocking Finishing:

Fasten off and sew tab to top heel side of socking, hang and enjoy!

Polka Dot Stocking Knit Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

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