Macchiato Poncho Crochet Free Pattern

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The Macchiato Crochet Poncho is a fun and beautiful crochet project. You will love wearing this piece all fall and winter long. A poncho crochet pattern that seamlessly blends style and comfort. Picture yourself wrapped in the warmth of this versatile poncho, sipping on your favorite macchiato, as the exquisite stitches and rich textures bring your garment to life. Join us as we dive into the details of this chic pattern, unlocking the secrets to creating a wardrobe staple that's as trendy as it is cozy. If you love this look, you might also enjoy crocheting the Macchiato Crochet Sweater or the Macchiato Crochet Beanie.

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What You'll Love About This Poncho Pattern.

  • No Seaming - This is a top down yoke poncho, which means it's crocheted in one piece and seamless.
  • Gorgeous Yoke - The puff stitches around the yoke are easy and add a focal point.
  • Works Up Fast - This crochet pattern uses a bulky weight yarn, so not only does it keep you warm, it works up in no time.
  • More Than One Size - Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult, 1X-3X

The fold over turtleneck will keep you extra warm, but this can also be made without the cowl style neck. And want more length? Completely customizable by simply crocheting more rounds after the increases. It's such a versatile free crochet pattern.

But it gets even better! This isn't only for all adults but comes in baby, toddler, and child sizes. And I walk you through the steps of the pattern in the video below for the baby size. And if you love making cute things for your little one, also check out the Macchiato Child Crochet Sweater Free Pattern. And if you aren't ready to jump into a larger project just yet, try your hand at the Crochet Wreath Ornament and Coaster, which can work for any time of year.

A woman holding a coffee cup in a crocheted poncho.

How To Style A Crochet Poncho

  1. Effortless Elegance with Denim: Embrace a casual yet chic look by pairing your Macchiato Poncho with a classic pair of denim jeans. Opt for a fitted or high-waisted style to balance the loose and flowy nature of the poncho. Tuck in the front edges of the poncho slightly for a defined silhouette, allowing the intricate crochet details to take center stage. Complete the ensemble with ankle boots or stylish sneakers for a relaxed yet put-together vibe perfect for a day out with friends or a casual date.
  2. Boho-Inspired Layers: Channel your inner bohemian spirit by layering the Macchiato Poncho over a flowy maxi dress or a simple tank top paired with wide-leg pants. The poncho's loose drape and cozy texture add an extra dimension to your boho-inspired outfit. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns or incorporate earthy accessories like a wide-brimmed hat, layered necklaces, and ankle boots to enhance the free-spirited look. This ensemble is perfect for outdoor festivals, weekend getaways, or any occasion where you want to radiate relaxed, bohemian charm.
  3. Office Chic with Tailored Pieces: Elevate your work wardrobe by incorporating the Macchiato Poncho into a sophisticated ensemble. Layer it over a sleek blouse or a tailored button-down shirt and pair it with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. Cinch the poncho at the waist with a stylish belt to create a defined silhouette while maintaining a professional aesthetic. Finish the look with classic heels and minimalistic jewelry for a polished and office-appropriate outfit. The Macchiato Poncho effortlessly transitions from cozy comfort to office chic, making it a versatile addition to your workwear collection.

Macchiato Crochet Poncho Supplies

Crochet Hook:
6.0 mm (J) hook, or hook size to meet gauge.

Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle

WeCrochet Brava Bulky
Shown in Brindle for adult
Shown in Dove Heather for baby
Bulky Weight Yarn

Yarn Substitutes:
WeCrochet Wonderfluff Bulky: 70% Baby Alpaca, 23% Nylon, 7% Merino Wool; 142 yds/50g.
Snuggle Puff: 70% Pima Cotton, 30% Nylon, 142yds/50g
Swish Bulky: 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool 137yds/100g
Remember to always check gauge and drape when substituting yarns.

Baby: 360 yds (329m) 3 balls
Toddler: 600 yds (549m) 5 balls
Child: 900 yds (823m) 7 balls
Adult: 1,350 yds (1,234m) 10 balls
1x-3x: 1,550 yds (1,417m) 12 balls

Alt –Alternatively
BLO -back loop only
Ch -chain
FLO -front loop only
Hdc -half double crochet
Inc. - increase
Lp(s) -loop(s)
St(s) -stitch(es)

13 sts by 8.5 rows = 4” square
Working a gauge swatch will let you know if you will have the correct sizing for this pattern.
A gauge swatch is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the stitches used in this project and the perfect opportunity to perfect your stitch work and make it look flawless.
If you are struggling to match the gauge, visit What Is Gauge and How To Fix It.

Gauge Swatch Instructions
Stitch pattern for gauge swatch: Ch 17, in second chain from hook hdc 1 in blo, hdc 1 in flo; repeat from * to * across, turn. Repeat these steps to make the gauge swatch with a ch 1 at the beginning of the row.

Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult, 1X-3X
Schematic in the pattern.

Skill Level:
Easy/Advanced Beginner

Notes for Success

Construction: This is a top-down poncho. We will start with the neck ribbing then work the yoke (shoulders) while evenly increasing on rounds. During this section we will add the beautiful puff details. Next, we will continue to add length. Last, we will work the cuff ribbing.

Special Stitches:
Puff Stitch: Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch/space. Yarn over again and pull up a long loop. (Yarn over and insert your hook into the same stitch/space. Yarn over again and pull up a long loop) two more times (7 loops on the hook). Yarn over and pull through the first 6 loops, yarn over and pull through remaining loops.

Established stitch pattern (est st pattern): hdc 1 in blo, hdc 1 in flo; repeat from * to * around increasing by placing two stitches in indicated stitch.

  • A ch 1 at the beginning of a row is not counted as a stitch. Using a stitch marker at the beginning of each round is recommended.
  • Sizes are written as: Baby (Toddler, Child, Adult, 1-3x).
  • This poncho is worked in a top-down seamless yoke style. To make it longer after all increases have been made, simply continue to work more rounds in st pattern without increasing.
  • This poncho is worked in the round turning at the beginning of each new round, place a stitch marker in the last stitch of the round to help keep track of first and last stitches. When increasing for sizes with two numbers (i.e. ⅞), increase in the 7th stitch and then crochet 8 and also increase in the 8th stitch. For sizes Toddler & Adult there will be extra stitches at the end of the round after completing 12 increases, finish those extra stitches in pattern.

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Crochet Poncho Video Tutorial

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Crochet Poncho Written Pattern

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Collar Ribbing
This neck is worked in slip stitches, if you prefer sc sts can be substituted by going down a hook size.
Row 1: Ch 19 (21, 27, 31, 31) in blo slip st in second chain from hook and across sts, turn. | 18 (20, 26, 30, 30,) sts

Neck Customization Tip

Please note, this is a fold over neck, if you would like a regular neck similar to a sweater start with: Ch 9 in blo slip st in second chain from hook and across sts, turn. | 8 sts

Row 2: Ch 1, in blo slip st in each stitch across, turn.
Repeats: Repeat Row 2 until there are a total of 60 (66, 72, 78, 84) rows.

Join last row to beginning row by slip stitching through blo of first and last row at the same time. Flip collar ribbing so seam is on the inside and no longer facing.

Poncho Yoke
Set Up Rnd: Ch 1, sl st around one edge of the collar ribbing placing one stitch per row, join. | 60 (66, 72, 78, 84) sts
Rnd 1 (RS): Ch 1, hdc 1 in blo, hdc 1 in flo; repeat from * to * around, join.
Rnd 2 (WS): Turn and ch 1, skip the first hdc st, hdc in the next, work a puff st into the skipped st; repeat from * to * around, join.
Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2 (Puff Round).
Rnd 4: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 5 (5, 6, 6, 7)th sts alt., join. | 72 (78, 84, 90, 96) sts
Remember for size toddler & Adult to only increase 12 times and work the extra stitches in established stitch pattern for the rest of the pattern.
Rnd 5: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 6 (6, 7, 7, 8)th sts alt., join. | 84 (90, 96, 102, 108) sts
Rnd 6: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 7 (7, 8, 8, 9)th sts alt., join. | 96 (102, 108, 114, 120) sts.
Rnd 7-8: Repeat Rnd 2 (Puff Round).
Rnd 9: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 8 (8, 9, 9, 10)th sts alt., join. | 108, (114, 120, 126, 132) sts
Rnd 10: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 9 (9, 10, 10, 11)th sts alt., join. | 120 (126, 132, 138, 144) sts
Rnd 11: Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every 10 (10, 11, 11, 12)th sts alt., join. | 132 (138, 144, 150, 156) sts
Rnd 12-13: Repeat Rnd 2 (Puff Round).

Repeats: Following the chart below, continue to increase and work in the round:
Turn and ch 1, work in established stitch pattern increasing every __ sts alt., join.

An example of a Crochet Poncho worn on a weekly schedule.
A woman standing in the woods wearing a crocheted Macchiato Poncho.

First Arm Ribbing
Row 1: Ch 11 (15, 19, 23, 25) in blo slip st in second chain from hook and across to body, sl st 2 sts on the body (these do not count as sts), turn. | 10 (14, 18, 22, 24)
Row 2: Skip the two sts from the body, in blo sl st in each st across, turn.
Row 3: Ch 1, in blo sl st in each st across, sl st 2 sts on the body, turn.

Repeats: Repeat Rows 2-3 for 20 (24, 30, 36, 38) total rows/sts from body of poncho.
Join last row to beginning row by slip stitching through blo of first and last row at the same time with the WS facing.

Second Arm Ribbing
Rnd 1: Skip 64 (87, 120, 165, 190) sts and attach yarn.
Ch 11 (15, 19, 23, 25) in blo slip st in second chain from hook and across to body, sl st 2 sts on the body (these do not count as sts), turn. | 10 (14, 18, 22, 24) sts

Rnd 2: Follow the same instructions as row 2-3 & Repeats for First Arm Ribbing.

Finishing the Poncho
Fasten off and weave in all ends. Lightly block and wear.

As we wrap the Macchiato Poncho crochet pattern, we hope you're as excited as we are about the endless styling possibilities this cozy creation offers. Whether you choose to go casual with denim, embrace boho layers, or elevate your office wardrobe, the Macchiato Poncho effortlessly combines style and comfort. Now, let's talk about keeping this stunning piece looking as beautiful as the day you finished it.

Care Tips: To ensure the longevity of your Macchiato Poncho, follow these simple care tips. Hand wash your poncho using a mild detergent and cold water. Gently squeeze out excess water, avoiding wringing or twisting, and reshape it while laying it flat to dry. Remember to store it folded to maintain its shape and prevent stretching.

If you can't get enough of crochet garments, my recent popular patterns are worth checking out. Try your hand at a flat construction with the Autumn Wheat Crochet Sweater. Or if you love making granny squares, The Crochet Granny Square Cardigan uses a unique square with a v-neck.

Showcase your creations and connect with the vibrant crochet community. Share your styling tips, color variations, and personal touches using #MacchiatoPoncho, and let's inspire each other in the wonderful world of handmade fashion. Happy crocheting, and may your Macchiato Poncho bring warmth, style, and joy to your everyday wear!

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