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How to Knit a Stocking

Ever wanted to knit a stocking to elevate your holiday decor? This stocking is created with the knit fair isle technique bringing a traditional method to a modern home decor knit piece. Never knitted a stocking before? If you aren’t comfortable with fair isle knitting just yet, check out the Beginner Knit Stocking that has easy stitches and great textures.

Christmas in July Event

The White Spruce Knit Stocking Pattern is inspired by a mimic of the crochet stocking pattern. This year Marly Bird and I are bringing the holiday fun with an amazing Make-A-Long, and I’m introducing the White Spruce Crochet Stocking Pattern. Christmas in July is so much fun, especially when creating with friends.

You can continue to enjoy this free pattern by scrolling down on this blog or purchase the Ad-free PDF on Ravelry or Etsy.

And who doesn’t love handmade Christmas home decor? Knit stockings really bring warmth for the holidays. It’s so rewarding to see your knit stocking hanging for the festive season.

About this Knit Stocking Pattern

For this knit pattern I have included not only written instructions but also chart instructions and color block instructions as well! If you haven’t seen what a color block chart looks like, stay tuned!

Best of all, this stocking pattern also includes a video tutorial. If you have ever been afraid of crochet colorwork, don’t fear! With a step-by-step visual guide, you can crochet this stocking.

What to put in a Christmas Stocking

Since this is a knit stocking pattern, I thought I would give you a list of great ideas for your favorite knitting friend. We all love yarny gifts and tools. Check out these awesome crafty gifts.

More gift options for knitters:

White Spruce Knit Stocking Supplies:

Knitting Needles:

Size US 8 (4.00mm) Circular Needles


Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle
Stitch Holder or Scrap Yarn
Leather Strip (optional)

Yarn & Yardage:

KnitPicks City Tweed Aran/HW
55% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Donegal Tweed, 164 yds/100g
Colorway Snowbank (1 ball, 130 yds) and Harbour Seal (1 ball, 100 yds)


k – knit
k2tog – knit two sts together
p – purl
st(s) – stitch(es)


 16 stockinette sts x 21 rows = 4×4 inches

Skill Level:



21” From folded cuff to toe; 11” circumference.


This stocking will be worked from top-down, leaving space for the heel to be worked last.

For the colorwork section, Color B will be abbreviated as (B), and color A as (A).
Example: (B) x 9 = with Color B knit the next 9 stitches

Repeat each round instructions 3 times in for one round.

White Spruce Knit Stocking Video Tutorial:

Knit Stocking Cuff:

RoundDescriptionSt Count
1Long tail cast on 48 sts48
2*k1, p1*; repeat from * to * around48
RepeatsWork ribbing until cuff measures 4 inches48

Knit Stocking Leg – Written Instructions:

1(B) x 1, (A) x 15
2[(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, (A) x 10, (B) x 1, (A) x 1
3[(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 2, (A) x 4, (B) x 1, (A) x 3
4[(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, [(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 3
5[(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 3, [(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1
6[(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 4, (A) x 1, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 3, (A) x 1
7(B) x 2, [(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 6, (B) x 2
8(A) x 1, (B) x 4, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 4, (B) x 3
9(A) x 3, (B) x 4, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2, (B) x 3, (A) x 2
10(A) x 5, (B) x 7, (A) x 4
11(A) x 6, (B) x 5, (A) x 5
12(A) x 7, (B) x 3, (A) x 6
13(A) x 8, (B) x 1, (A) x 7
14(A) x 7, (B) x 3, (A) x 6
15(A) x 6, (B) x 5, (A) x 5
16(A) x 4, [(A) x 1, (B) x 3] x 2, (A) x 4
17(B) x 1, (A) x 5, (B) x 5, (A) x 5
18(A) x 7, (B) x 3, (A) x 6
19[(B) x 1, (A) x 7] x 2
20(B) x 1, (A) x 15
21[(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 2, (A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1
22[(A) x 1, (B) x 1, (A) x 5] x 2, (A) x 1, (B) x 1
23(B) x 2, (A) x 13, (B) x 1
24[(B) x 1, (A) x 7] x 2
25[(B) x 1, (A) x 2] x 2, (A) x 7, (B) x 1, (A) x 2
26[(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 2, (A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1
27(A) x 1, (B) x 2, (A) x 4, [(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, (A) x 3, (B) x 2
28(B) x 2, (A) x 13, (B) x 1
29[(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 4
30[(B) x 1, (A) x 2] x 2, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2, (A) x 3, (B) x 1, (A) x 2
31(A) x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 9, (B) x 2, (A) x 1
32(A) x 1, (B) x 1, [(B) x 1, (A) x 5] x 2, (B) x 2
33(B) x 2, (A) x 13, (B) x 1
34[(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 4
35[(B) x 1, (A) x 2] x 2, (A) x 7, (B) x 1, (A) x 2
36(A) x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 9, (B) x 2, (A) x 1
37(A) x 1, (B) x 2, (A) x 11, (B) x 2
38(B) x 1, [(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 2, (A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 3, (B) x 1

Knit Stocking Leg – Chart Instructions:

Knit Stocking Leg – Color Block Instructions:

Knit Stocking Foot – Written Instructions:

52Place the next 22 stitches on a stitch holder, with Color A thumb cast on 22 sts, knit the remaining stitches in the round (sts count remains 48)
53[(B) x 1, (A) x 7] x 2
54Knit A around
55[(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 4
56Knit A around
57[(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 4
58Knit A around
59[(B) x 1, (A) x 3] x 4
60Knit A around
61[(B) x 1, (A) x 7] x 2
62(A) x 7, (B) x 3, (A) x 6
63(B) x 1, (A) x 5, (B) x 5, (A) x 5
64(A) x 1, (B) x 1, (A) x 4, [(B) x 2, (A) x 1] x 2, (A) x 3, (B) x 1
65[(B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, (A) x 2, (B) x 5, (A) x 3, (B) x 1, (A) x 1
66[(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2, (A) x 3, (B) x 3, (A) x 2, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2
67x 1, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2, [(A) x 3, (B) x 1] x 2, (A) x 1, x 1, (A) x 1
68[(A) x 3, (B) x 1, (A) x 1, (B) x 1, (A) x 2] x 2
69(B) x 2, [(A) x 2, (B) x 1, (A) x 1, (B) x 1, (A) x 1] x 2, (A) x 1, (B) x 1
70(B) x 3, (A) x 1, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 4, (A) x 2, (B) x 2
71(A) x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 1, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 3, (A) x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 1
72(A) x 3, (B) x 2, (A) x 1, [(A) x 1, (B) x 1] x 2, (A) x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 2
73(A) x 4, (B) x 1, [(B) x 1, (A) x 2] x 2, (B) x 2, (A) x 3
74(A) x 4, [(A) x 1, (B) x 2, (A) x 2] x 2, (A) x 2
75(A) x 6, (B) x 5, (A) x 5
76(A) x 7, (B) x 3, (A) x 6

Knit Stocking Foot – Chart Instructions:

Knit Stocking Foot – Colorblock Instructions:

Knit Stocking Toe Instructions:

RoundDescriptionSt Count
1Fasten off color B. With color A knit around48
2*k2tog, k6*; repeat from * to * around42
4*k2tog, k5*; repeat from * to * around36
6*k2tog, k4*; repeat from * to * around30
8*k2tog, k3*; repeat from * to * around24
10*k2tog, k2*; repeat from * to * around18
12*k2tog, k1*; repeat from * to * around12
14k2tog around6

Fasten off leaving a tail, weave tail through the front loops of each stitch around then pull closed. Weave in ends.

Knit Stocking Heel Instructions:

RoundDescriptionSt Count
1Place held stitches back on needles, pick up one st at corner, 22 sts along the other side of the heel opening, and one last stitch at the corner.46
2(ssk, k19, k2tog) two times42
3(ssk, k17, k2tog) two times38
4(ssk, k15, k2tog) two times34
5(ssk, k13, k2tog) two times30
6(ssk, k11, k2tog) two times26
7(ssk, k9, k2tog) two times22
8(ssk, k7, k2tog) two times18
9Fasten off leaving enough tail length for grafting. With the stitches divided equally between the back and front needles, use the kitchener stitch to graph the remaining sts together. Weave in ends. 


Use a strip of leather and a leather punch to create a strap and stitch to the top of the stocking. Or create an i-cord:


I hope you have enjoyed making the White Spruce Knit Stocking Pattern!

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