How to Knit Herringbone Stitch

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I have always loved the herringbone stitch in knitting, and recently I learned the herringbone crochet stitch so of course, I wanted to update the knit version and share it with you. Do you know How to Knit Herringbone Stitch? Keep reading to learn or get a refresher. And I've also got a free pattern on this post knit a plant cozy. And if you love these simple stitches, you might also enjoy the Wander Sweater Knit Pattern.

Knit Herringbone cozy

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About the Herringbone Knit Stitch

The Herringbone Knit Stitch is a distinctive and visually appealing knitting technique that creates a textured pattern resembling the herringbone weave. This stitch is achieved by alternating knit and slip stitches in a specific sequence, resulting in a design that mimics the interlocking arrangement of herringbone fabric. The stitch is characterized by its diagonal columns of slanted stitches, forming a V-shaped pattern that adds depth and dimension to knitted projects.

It is commonly used in various knitting projects, including scarves, blankets, and garments, to impart a classic and sophisticated look. Knitters appreciate the Herringbone Knit Stitch for its versatility and ability to elevate the overall aesthetic of their creations, making it a popular choice among those seeking to add a touch of elegance to their handcrafted items.

Knit Herringbone cozy

In this tutorial, the herringbone knit stitch is created back and forth in rows.

Of course, it is possible to knit the herringbone stitch in the round, and the stitch pattern appears rotated from what you see in the basket images.

With a fantastic thick fabric and beautiful texture, this stitch can create a variety of items from home decor to garments.

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About the Size

Feel free to work this stitch with any weight of yarn, but it needs a little bit of space to breathe, so use a needle that is a little bit larger than recommended for the size of yarn and be sure to experiment. I love my ChiaoGoo Needles.

Knit Herringbone cozy

Knit Stitches:

k2togtbl: Knit 2 together through the back loop.

k: knit

p2tog - purl two together

Knit Herringbone Stitch Video

Knit A Herringbone Plant Cozy

Who has joined me in becoming a bit of a plant lady? I'm considered a plant lady in training since my track record for keeping plants alive is still in review. But at least I'm making my real, and also faux, plants look amazing with this Knit Herringbone Cozy. And by crocheting a plant cozy, you will be able to learn and practice the Knit Herringbone Stitch.

I was also able to see a good friend and discovered she also developed the same passion! It was so fun to follow her around her home and see all of her plant babies. I have a new wish list of plants and also learned a tip. Did you know you can use old coffee grounds as a fertilizer? I had no clue. Read more about making your compost from things you would typically discard over at The Homestead Garden.

Knit Herringbone cozy

Not having the bottom can be helpful if your plant sits on a water tray. And don't be afraid to play with sizing. The knit cozy pattern is very flexible to fit your needs. I also think this makes a cute drink cozy for a coffee mug or water bottle.

Supplies for the Plant Cozy

Knitting Needle:
Size US 11 (8.0 mm) flat needles

Yarn needle to weave in ends

Knit Picks Biggo
6 Bulky Weight yarn in colorway of choice, shown in Brass Heather (110 yards/ball)

Small: 25 yards (23 m)
Medium: 55 yards (50 m)
Large: 100 yards (91 m)


  • k - knit
  • k2togtbl - knit two together through the back loop
  • p2tog - purl two together
  • st(s) - stitch(es)

19 sts and 13 rows = 4” (10 cm)
in herringbone stitch

When Laid Flat
Height: 2.5” (6 cm)
Width: 4.5” wide (11.5 cm)

Height: 5” (13 cm)
Width: 6.5” wide (16.5 cm)

Height: 7.5” (19 cm)
Width: 9” wide (23 cm)

Skill Level:

Sizes are written as S (M, L)

Herringbone Stitch Video

Knit Herringbone Cozy Instructions

Cast on 12 (24, 36) sts using the long tail method cast on.

Row 1 (RS): k2togtbl but only dropping off the first stitch and leaving the second stitch on the needles. Repeat across until the last stitch, knit the last st. 12 (24, 36) sts

Row 2 (WS): p2tog but only dropping off the first stitch and leaving the second stitch on the needles. Repeat across until the last stitch, purl the last st. 12 (24, 36) sts

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 to for a total of 29 (45, 59) rows.

Joining the Herringbone Flat Fabric
Join the starting row and ending row together with a mattress seam. Read more about How to do a Mattress Seam.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Did you enjoy creating a fun knit texture? Keep the fun going and check out the Cozy Blanket with the Stockinette Ridge Stitch Pattern or try a few new easy knit stitches with the Knit Sampler Textured Blanket Pattern.

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