Joy! Infinity Crochet Stocking Pattern

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Trimming the house around the holidays is one of my favorite past times. I hope you enjoy creating a warm and beautiful environment as well. Of course, Christmas stockings are a staple of holiday decor, so I love to make new ones each year. This particular crochet stocking pattern is of heirloom quality. I've designed it to be enjoyed for years to come. This is a fun and relaxing project to work up by the fire.

Crochet Stocking Pattern

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Introducing Infinity Crochet

The cable design in this pattern is a new and innovative crochet method by Briana Kepner, which creates clean and beautiful stitching called Infinity Crochet. It's a fun technique to learn. Moreover, it really adds to the heirloom quality of this crochet stocking pattern. It gives depth, texture, and fun color play to a classic design.

Want to see what this method looks like? Learn more:

All the post stitches are ‘floated’ on a consistent background stitch that never gets skipped. The result allows the cable design to be raised further from the background than traditional cable stitches and maintains an undisturbed gauge in the main fabric. I hope you'll find that this is a fun technique to incorporate into your crochet stocking pattern. Moreover, I've got many other patterns that utilize this technique if you want to play around more with it.

Infinity Crochet in This Stocking Pattern

I have found many different ways to work with the infinity crochet technique over the years. The cables it produces are often a key feature of the design, as they are in this crochet stocking pattern. In this case, a large infinity cable runs up the center length of the stocking. It's a focal point for the design. It might remind you a bit of candy canes and other Christmas decor. However, it's abstract enough to make for a classic, timeless design. I really wanted this crochet stocking pattern to have heirloom-quality features.

What Is Heirloom Quality?

What do I mean when I say heirloom quality? Obviously, I want you to be able to enjoy this stocking for years to come. Moreover, I want you to feel confident in passing it down to future generations. We all have those certain items that we pull out every holiday season, year after year. They're infused with rich personal history, and that's what makes them so important to our holiday traditions.

Heirloom quality crochet stockings feature durable, long-lasting, beautiful yarn. You want everyone in the family to ooh and aah over them. Moreover, they have that timeless design that I believe the Infinity Cable lends itself well to. You want something that looks cute in any contemporary home but holds up over the years. That's this design.

Infinity Crochet Joy Stocking Pattern Supplies:

Here are the different things that you're going to need if you want to make this crochet stocking pattern:

Size US H-8 (5mm) crochet hook

Malabrigo Worsted in:
Color A: Natural
Color B: Ravelry Red

As long as you meet gauge, other yarns can be substituted:
Cascade Yarns Spuntaneous Worsted
Manos del Uruguay Maxima
Valley Yarns BFL Worsted

12” (30.5cm) long by 4 ¼” (10.8cm) wide

Yardage: 270 total yards

Skill Level:

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