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Magical Crochet Stitches
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✓ Won’t break if you drop it on the floor or while using it.

✓ Has an excellent spot to store your stitch marker for later.

✓ Is ergonomic for comfortThe cushioned grip has an almost triangle shape for comfort. 

✓ The sizing is correct, which starts your project off just right.

✓ Has the right amount of comfortable length.

✓ Great for knife or pencil holders. 

An entire 9 Hook set costs less than ONE hook from other brands. 

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Where to get the tools:

furls alpha
Furls Hooks code BRIANAK for 15% off
Best Crochet Hooks
Mosaic Crochet Hook Set
A crochet hook in a colorwork yoke
Divit Shilp Crochet Hooks
Ommi Crochet HooksCrochet
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Best Crochet Hooks
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Amazon Curated Shop, Click on Image to Shop Tools & Styles
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WeCrochet Yarn:

I am so excited to be an ambassador of WeCrochet Yarn & Supplies!

Come check out all the varieties of yarn by clicking on the image below:

Wecrochet Knit Picks Mohair Aloft Yarn
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Favorite Crafty Notions:

Wecrochet Scissors
Craft Scissors
knit picks yarn needle
Yarn Needles
Knit Picks Stitch Markers
Stitch Marker
Pompom from WeCrochet
Pompom from Amazon

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