About This Flower Stitch

The puff flower is such a cute stitch to add to your crochet collection. It has so many uses and I’ve even seen it used in crochet blankets. 

It’s a quick and easy flower to make once you get the steps down and beautiful addition to any item. Just think about all the uses this flower can be used for!

Recently I used the puff flower on a Unicorn Headphone Wrap. 

See the pattern on the blog HERE


• Crochet Hook 4.0 mm (G), I highly recommend Furls Hook (affiliate link) or a Clover Crochet Hook (link below). I love both of these.
• Worsted Weight Yarn
• Scissors

• ch – chain
• sc – single crochet
• st(s) – stitch(es)
• yo – yarn over

Skill Level:

Many of the supplies can be found at the affiliate links below:


Tip: This can be done in different weights and hook sizes for different sized flowers. You can also use any color combination for this flower.

This is worked as one piece in the round. 

Crochet Puff Flower:

Crochet Puff Flower (Left Hand):

Crochet Puff Flower:

Step 1: Sc 5 in Magic Circle. Join to the first sc with a slip stitch and fasten off yarn leaving a long enough tail to weave in later. 

Step 2: Join the color of yarn you would like for the pedals and chain 3. 

Step 3: Yarn over.

Step 4: Place your index finger on top of the yarn over to hold it in place for the next step. 

Step 5: Insert your hook into the first stitch. (or next stitch for the repeats)

Step 6: Yarn over and pull up a loop. Make sure to pull up the yarn to the height of your chain 3. 

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 for six more times. A total of 15 loops will be on your hook. 

Step 8: Yarn over.

Step 9: Pull through all of the loops on your hook. 

Step 10: Chain 1 to secure all of those loops in place.

Step 11: Chain 3.

Step 12: Insert your hook back into the same stitch. 

Step 13: Slip stitch 1. Now you have completed the first pedal.

Step 14: Repeat Steps 2-13 until all 5 petals are complete. Cut yarn and pull through. 

Step 15: Weave in all ends or use one to secure the flower to an item. And that’s it! You have crocheted a puff flower. 

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