How many times have you starting a project and either miscounted those starting chains? Most of the time we don’t figure it out until row 2 and then we grunt, roll our eyes, and rip out the whole thing to start over. For me this can be a stressful situation. I feel I’ve wasted time and I was often interrupted by little ones or laundry or a solicitor at the door when I should have been paying attention. But there is a solution!

You do not need to rip out those stitches, even if you’ve foundation chained. So now you can bravely chain how every many stitches you want and not worry if there are a few extra. This can be especially helpful when guessing the size of something like a large blanket or scarf. No need to count the stitches because you can always take some out if it’s too long. So be brave and bold and chain away worry free!!!